Business In The Front, Party In The Back

If I told  you that I was thinking of using black and gray on the walls for the nursery/ office I am sure some of you might have negative thoughts.

For instance:

  • That sounds morbid.
  • Isn’t it depressing?
  • Why not use pastels like other baby rooms?
  • Won’t it make the space seem smaller?
  • What about pink?  The baby is a girl.
Well I can understand why you might think those things but let me persuade you with some pictures that I  am using for inspiration. (Now picture yourself being hypnotized and falling in love with my idea. That’s better.)  Keep in mind we are leaving our black desk and bookcases in the room. This really was the starting point for the inspiration of the room.  I want everything to work together.

After I realized that our townhouse would be the place our little girl calls home, I started brainstorming (googling) ideas for the future nursery.  I had never really thought about using black in a nursery, but since we planned to reuse existing furniture, I had to.  After a few searches, I really began to like the idea.  Especially, since it seemed so different and looked like it would work well with the office portion of the room as well.
The last two pictures have really become my inspiration.  I love the addition of gray to the palate and all the color used in the room.  No pastels!  Rich vibrant hues instead.  It looks playful enough for a nursery and sophisticated enough for an office.  Kind of like a mullet … business in the front, party in the back.

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5 thoughts on “Business In The Front, Party In The Back

  1. Trista

    I love the idea of gray on the walls. It is such a calming color. I almost used it in our bathroom, but chickened out and opted for a light blue. Anyways, I think it would work well because you have light carpet and could brighten/baby it up with some cute pastel or bright colors.

  2. Lauren

    I think I’ve heard some of those negative thoughts before……hmmmmmm.

    I definitely love the last picture. I wouldn’t mind having a room like that right now!

    1. Krystle Post author

      I know! I could see you doing a room like that. Although yours would probably end up with more color. It is definitely my favorite picture.

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