Our dreams of the nursery/office transformation are starting to come to life now that the room is painted!

Originally, I had in mind for the paint colors to be black and white.  After bringing home the entire  Sherwin Williams selection of whites and pinning about 15 of them to the wall, I was having doubts.  There wasn’t a single white that a fell in love with.  My main concern was that I didn’t want the room to look washed out since the trim and ceiling were white and the carpet was a cream color.  I also didn’t want the white to come across as sterile and too 1950’s hospital.  (Boring!)  Plus, if we went with white, what tint should it be…. blue, red, yellow, green?

On the other hand, selecting a black wasn’t that hard.  There were only a few that I liked, and even though I loved some of the pure blacks, I really felt drawn to Sherwin Williams Bohemian Black.  With a hint of purple to it, it didn’t come across as so bold but more playful.  Notice it how it changes from more purple in the day to more black at night in the pictures above.  Like a chameleon.

With the Bohemian Black selected, the pressure was on for the paint counterpart.  The more I looked at inspiration photos, the more I fell in love with gray instead of white.  So, out came the gray paint swatches.  Sherwin Williams Silver Strand really stood out as the front runner and future soul mate to Bohemian Black.  Finally, our quest for the perfect colors was over.  The picture above does the best job of showing what Silver Strand looks like.

I am completely in love with the room now that it is painted.  It is so hard to believe that this room has been yellow for the past four years.  What a waste of time.  I also love how the black furniture works with it!  Of course, it will look better once the bed is gone and replaced with a crib.  Here’s a picture of what it used to look like for comparison.

Don’t you agree it already looks better?

Side Note:  The paint colors we chose were Sherwin Williams Bohemian Black and Silver Strand.

However, we had them mixed at Lowes using Valspar low VOC paint.  This kept it safe for the baby and cut down on headaches from the fumes.

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