Colorful Boxes

Thank goodness for back-to-school shopping.  Not that we did any, but that is how we stumbled across these fabulous boxes for our bookcases at Wal-Mart not too long ago.

Since our only closet in the nursery/office is filled with all our office supplies, I knew I needed to make the most of the storage in the room.  Thankfully, we have a chifferobe that will be able to hold a lot of her clothes and will function as her main closet. (shown here)  I also wanted to utilize the space on our bookshelves but have it concealed to keep a clean look.  Not that I am a neat freak or anything.  I just need all the help I can get staying organized.

We checked Ikea and HomeGoods.  HomeGoods had several options of bright baskets, but they were all a little more than we wanted to spend.  I was also still unsure of the shape basket I wanted (short, wide, tall, or skinny).  Then, while running errands at Wal-Mart, we decided to take a quick stroll through their basket/box section.  Wal-Mart was on color overload with all the products marketed towards college students, and thankfully that was what we were looking for… Color!

Originally, I thought I would only use one color of boxes on the bookshelves, but with all the options, I decided to go wild.  And at around $6 a pop with Wal-Mart’s EDLP (every day low prices), it didn’t break the budget.  The combination of pink, blue and green ended up looking great together.  There was also a purple, but it wasn’t bright enough to stand out against the black bookshelves.  We had to leave it behind.  We also chose not to grab any red or orange boxes, so we wouldn’t be mistaken as an Alabama or Auburn fan.  Go Mississippi State Dawgs!  (Sorry, just had to throw that in there since football season kicks off today.)

The boxes fit perfectly in the bookcases and add a great pop of color to this side of the room.  They will also go with the artwork that will be above the crib which is still a surprise.  Once I actually figure out what will be stored in the boxes, I would like to make some cute tags to go on the fronts, so everything will be easy to find.  I also left some free space on the shelves for books and other personal items.

We are finally beginning to make progress on the nursery/office.  Here’s what we have left:

  • remove guest bed
  • remove table and chairs
  • clear book shelves to make room for storage boxes
  • paint room
  • install crown molding
  • buy crib
  • find old dresser to convert to changing table
  • buy rocker/glider
  • install new draperies and rods
  • get artwork
  • make mobile for above bed
  • incorporate bedding into theme of room
Maybe we can tackle some of the list over the Labor Day Weekend.
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