Dresser… Changing Table

Check out this beauty we found at an antique store.  I plan to use it for a changing table… after it receives a few coats of paint.  What?  You though I would just leave it white!  There are too many colors to do that.  This is what I worked  on on Labor Day, and while I hoped to be through and able to post about it, it just hasn’t happened.

This is just an old dresser painted white.  It has great detail though. This was just what I was looking for, not too big or bulky looking.  I love the fact that I am gaining all this storage underneath the changing area.  I also have this excellent piece of empty wall above where I plan to hang a mirror or some type of artwork (I’m still a little unsure what it will be).  By doing this it should give the furniture some height.

I love the detailing of the handles.  Right now I am thinking of keeping them white so they will pop against the color.

I won’t reveal the color until the finished photos.  Don’t you just love surprises?  It would spoil all the fun if I told you now.  I do however want to show you some of the changing tables I am using for inspiration (found here, here, here and here).  If you need a refresher on the inspiration for the nursery check here.

I love the turquoise popping against the gray wall and the use of the mirror above the dresser.  There is also something about this that is clean and sophisticated looking.  You almost don’t even notice it is a changing table (diapers are a good hint though).

dresser 5

I don’t really see myself turning the wall into a chalkboard and drawing all over it.  I do however love the use of the dresser and the space above for artwork.

dresser 6

This one isn’t a changing table but I love how the mirrors are used above it.  This would be easy enough to do with spare mirrors around the house or hit up a few yard sales for some inexpensive ones.

Isn’t this starburst mirror made of spoons too cute!  I really like the pop of the vibrant color.  While I am not sure if spoons would work in a nursery, clothes pins might.  Something to keep in mind though.

I hope you enjoyed the inspiration photos and look forward to seeing the big reveal of the changing table.  Hopefully, I will be able to finish it up this weekend and share with you next week!

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