Curtain Epiphany

A few weeks ago Michael Luke and I went out in search of fabric to use for the curtains.  My mother offered to make them for us (which makes for a pretty hard offer to pass up).  Our windows are on the black wall in our nursery/office, so I knew I wanted something that would pop on the wall.

We loved this curtain from Urban Outfitters but didn’t really think we would be able to find anything like it since the pattern ran from ceiling to floor.

We were hoping to find a white fabric that had a few pops of color.

This one doesn’t really pop with color, but I did like the embroidered leaves.  I didn’t really think the cappuccino color would work well with the black and gray though.  So we moved on.

I liked the pattern on this one, but we weren’t so crazy about the baby blue.  We are trying to use saturated colors instead of the typical pastels.

I know, I know… white on white!  I really loved this one though.  The polka dots looked sophisticated enough for the office side and playful enough for the nursery.  I almost broke down and got this one because it was 50% off the following day, but I just kept telling myself I would regret going white on white.  I don’t even want to imagine that as the material for a toddler room someday.  Can’t you just see it decorated with crayon, paint, and markers!  Probably not a good idea.
So we kept looking… and I fell in love with this one.

This material had the pop of color I was looking for.  I also loved the birds and branches as the pattern.  Birds are being used in the artwork my sister is painting for above the crib (still a surprise by the way).  But at $34 a yard we could have just bought the curtains from Urban Outfitters and called it a day.  So our search continued.

Up until this point we had been searching in the drapery section of Hancock Fabrics.  Made perfect sense to us since the fabric would be used for draperies.  Then we had an epiphany!  The curtains from Urban Outfitters were cotton, why couldn’t we use cotton?  Plus, if the curtains were cotton, they would be easier to clean.  So off we trekked to the cotton department.  It only took a few minutes and Michael Luke found this one!

Talk about a pop of color.  Plus, it resembled our Urban Outfitter inspiration curtain.  I knew then that it was the one.  It also had a lot of the colors we were already using in the nursery (boxes, artwork, and rug), and at $8.99 a yard, who could resist?

We took the bolt and headed to the register.  I let the lady know we needed nine yards cut.  Then came the bad news… they only had a little over two yards!  No worries, we could just check the other stores and pick it up there.  Except for the fact that none of the other stores had it in stock!   Later that night, I googled the pattern and found I could order it online through Hancock Fabrics.  We had already decided to order extra fabric, so she could make the dust ruffle for the crib as well.  So I placed an order for 11 yards, used a 20% off coupon my mom found, finalized the order, and felt secure.  Until a lady form Hancock Fabrics called to let me know they only had 8 yards left.  Total.  Well at that point I was willing to take whatever I could get, so I told her to send it on.  Thankfully, God can make small things stretch, and my mom was able to get four curtain panels and a dust ruffle out of all the fabric.  I received the finished curtains in the mail the other day and hope to have them up soon, so I can share with you.  We are trying to decide on curtain rods and clips now.

I am also still working on painting the changing table.  I hope to be able to show pictures of both together.   I can’t wait to see everything finished!

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3 thoughts on “Curtain Epiphany

  1. GAB

    Your choice and your Mother’s Miracle will be just perfect for Noah. She is already a Special little girl.

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