Handfuls of Projects… One Crib Skirt

Ok, so I thought after two weeks of blogging about Fall, DIY door decor, and events in our neighborhood, I would have something new to share about the nursery.  Well, I don’t.  Truth is I could show you a few things, but none of them are finished yet.  I better hurry though, right?  Time is running out before she arrives!

For instance,  I bought the supplies to finish the insides of the drawers on the changing table.  One day, I thought about starting on this project but opted for a nap instead.  It’s hard to pass those up when I know soon they will just be a thing of the past.

I have also decided on what type of artwork I want to do above the changing table.  I mentioned a few ideas here.  Visually in my head, it looks great now.  That’s the confirmation I have been waiting on before purchasing supplies.  Hopefully, I will be able to put my plan into action soon.  I can’t wait to show you the finished project and see how her initials will look above it.

My mom also sent me the leftover fabric from the curtains.  Our office chair we have right now doesn’t really go with the rest of the room.  But I have an old chair in the attic that would look great with a new coat of paint and the cushion recovered in the fabric.  I am still toying with what color I should paint the chair.  So yet another project not fully underway.

The one I am closest to finishing… well actually I didn’t do anything, is the artwork above the crib.  My sister brought me the painting this past weekend.  It looks so good, and I can’t wait to see it hanging above the crib! Hopefully, tomorrow night Michael Luke and I (more like Michael Luke) can hang it up.  I would love to be able to reveal it later this week.  The best part is I haven’t shared my inspiration picture for it, so the painting will be a surprise for many!  It is really where the palate for the whole room came from.

Also, almost two months ago, my sister helped me get started on the mobile for above the crib.  I haven’t really worked on it since then though.  I have been waiting to get the artwork hung up, so I could see how they are going to work together.  This may be one of the last projects I finish.  We will see.

One thing that is complete though is the crib.  We now have a mattress, sheets, and crib skirt.

I  think it makes us looks a little more prepared for a baby.  I love how the crib skirt and curtains match.  What do you think?  The storage boxes also do a good job of pulling colors from the fabric.

 In case you haven’t noticed, we are still lacking the crib bumper.  It’s on our registry, so we are holding off buying it just yet.  I would like to share that we are not going the padded bumper route though.  This was a tough decision for me because they are so cute and mentally what you picture when you think of a whole crib bedding ensemble.  Instead of the padded bumper, we chose a mesh one.  While not as visually pleasing to the eye, it is much safer for the baby and helps reduce the risk of SIDS.  Looks are not worth it if they increase the chances of something happening to your baby.  This is a personal decision though, and I understand if others lean more towards the padded bumpers.

We don’t plan to keep this blanket on the back of the crib but do have plans to use it.  My grandmother gave this to me late this summer when I went to visit her.  This was a blanket she had from when I was little.  You can also see the polka dots on the sheets in this picture.  The polka dots really work well with the crib skirt.  I am excited to see everything come together.

This shot shows the space above the crib for the artwork.  It is going to tie everything together.  I am really looking forward to sharing it with you.  Just a few more days of waiting though.

Thanks for being understanding of my procrastination.  Do you ever have times like that?  When there is plenty to do but you would rather take a few days and rest.  Sometimes our bodies like to just do nothing.

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