Putting the Pin to the Test

I was reading over at Young House Love the other day and saw where Sherry and her friend Katie are having a Pinterest challenge next Tuesday.  Basically, you take a break from pinning, repinning, and searching, and create your own version of something you have pinned.  What a great challange!  And as an added bonus… motivation for me to knock something else off the to do list for the nursery.

I haven’t decided what I am going to do yet but I have narrowed it down to either a starburst mirror above the changing table…

or a mobile above the crib.

You will have to wait until Monday to see which one I actually choose find time for.  Until then, I thought I would share some of the pictures I have pinned for inspiration.

The starburst mirror is really popular in stores and the DIY world (probably on its way out by the time I do one).  Here are a few that I like for inspiration…


As for mobiles above the bed, there are so many choices, and I have found several on Pinterest that I like.  One of my main concerns is that I don’t want it to take away from the artwork above the crib.  Below are a few that I like…


These are just a few of the pics I am using for inspiration.  Hopefully, next Monday I will be able to show you which one I choose to make first.  Nothing like a little motivation to help a person get things done.

Which ones are your favorites?  Has anybody else attempted to DIY a starburst mirror?  Any tips?  What about a mobile?



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