Butterfly Gazing

I don’t know about you, but I really enjoyed this past weekend.  We had a great turnout Friday for our hosting of the Secret Church Simulcast.  I worked tirelessly Friday afternoon to prepare an amazing supper for our guests… Little Caesar’s Pizza.  Who doesn’t love pizza?  I did take a few minutes to prepare pineapple angel food cake, a recipe of my mom’s.  It turned out to be a hit.  I will have to share it with you one of these days.  We also had other nutritious snacks to keep us going through the night- chips, cookies, and Tootsie Roll Pops.  The rest of the weekend Michael Luke and I just hung around the house and tried to enjoy some of our final days of free time with limited responsibility.  Which gave me time to finish one of the few remaining projects I have been working on… The mobile for above the crib.

I decided to go with the butterfly mobile mentioned here but add my own twist to it by using colored butterflies instead of white.DIY Butterfly Mobile

I am really pleased with the way it turned out, and I don’t think it blocks or takes away from the artwork behind it.  What do you think?

Making the mobile was pretty easy and didn’t take that long.  Well, I guess that’s easy for me to say because I had help with some of the steps.

What you need:

  • hoop 10″ to 12″ in diameter (knitting hoop)
  • knitting thread cut in 8 -10 pieces 30″ in length (adjust as necessary for your ceiling height)
  • card stock butterflies (die cut)
  • paper piercer (I just used a nail)
  • ribbon
  • screw hook
Thankfully, my sister has a die cut machine and was willing to cut them out for me.  She also let me have some of her shimmery card stock paper to use for the butterflies.
You can see a faint outline of the butterfly being cut on the paper.
Once I had all the butterflies cut, I gathered my supplies…

FYI:  I started out using regular sewing thread but quickly learned it wouldn’t work.  I would have been tying knots all day to get it big enough not to slip through the hole.  So I went and bought some knitting thread.  Which is a lot thicker and worked better.

I used eight pieces of 30″ long thread for my strands.  Feel free to add or take away as many as you want.  With eight strands I had six butterflies for each.  Because the butterflies were large, this was plenty of strands for me.  Any more and it might have looked crowded.

If you have a paper piercer, use it to pierce your holes in the center of the butterfly.  I didn’t have one and couldn’t think of any other projects where I would need one, so I just used a nail.  It worked fine.  I did pierce it on the carpet though, so I wouldn’t scratch anything.

After piercing the butterflies, I tied a knot at the end of one of the strands of thread and slipped a butterfly on.  I then went up a couple of inches, tied another knot and slipped another butterfly on.

I repeated these steps for all the strands until each one had six butterflies.  I alternated the order of the colors so that each strand wouldn’t look the same.

Next, I tied two pieces of ribbon onto the hoop and then tied a knot in the center.  The knot gives the hook a place to attach to.  The ribbon divided the hoop into four sections, so I tied two strands in each quadrant and double checked to make sure the ribbon was balancing the hoop.

I wanted to use a silver hoop, but all I could find was a gold one.  So Michael Luke spray painted it a hot pink for me.

I love how it turned out and how it picks up all the colors in the room.  I hope our little girl enjoys gazing at it while lying in her crib.

Speaking of the crib… did you notice I finally got the bumper guard up?

It is a mesh bumper guard and will make it easier for her to breathe if she decides to face plant herself into it.  I love the little bows on the front and that it weaves behind the center of the headboard.  The white really adds a bit of elegance to it.  I can’t imagine it another color.

So, thankfully I can knock this project off the to do list.  Only two left… the artwork above the changing table and refinishing the desk chair.  Both of which require spray paint and my husband.  I’ll let you know when we get them finished.

Life in Progress Update:  She likes it!


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5 thoughts on “Butterfly Gazing

  1. Mama

    Can’t wait to spend some quality time in Noah’s room. Watching the colorful butterflies will be one of her favorite pastimes! Love the lamb on the end of the crib, too!

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