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Last month, Kelly from Corner of Main awarded me “The Versatile Blogger Award.”  I was so excited when this happened.  Blogging is still fairly new to me, but I have really enjoyed it.  And like my house, there is still a lot I want to do to the website.

The rules of the award are:

  1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
  2. Share 7 things about yourself.
  3. Send it along to 15 other (new/newer) bloggers.  (I’m not real sure if I have 15 other new bloggers to send to, but I’ll pass it along.)
Some people probably already know all this about me.  Hopefully, I won’t bore you too much.  (If I do, try not to hurt your head as you fall face first into your keyboard from extreme boredom.)
  1. I started this blog to chronicle the design changes we make to our house as well as to share about our family and how God is using us to bring glory to Him.
  2. Up until almost two weeks ago, I worked full time as an interior designer at a local architecture firm.  Normally, people’s first response to that was, “I bet your house is beautiful” or “I need you to come redo my house.”  But you see, my full time job was completely different than what most people thought.  Our firm specialized in healthcare design.  This meant that the majority of my projects were rehabilitation hospitals, surgery centers, or medical office buildings.  I loved it!  Although it was challenging, it was design with a purpose.  So this whole decorate your house thing is new to me.  I was freaked out at making selections for the nursery… but I love the way it turned out.
  3. Now, I am transitioning into my new job… a full time stay at home mom.  One thing’s for sure, it’s no 8-5 job.  I am a little nervous about Michael Luke going back to work soon because he has been such a big help.  But I am thankful to have the opportunity to stay home and nurture our baby girl.
  4. I am a nerd!  That’s not something you want to acknowledge in high school; it gets a little easier in college.  I find no shame in admitting it now though.  Not the “Screech” kind of nerd but the kind that loves to read, keep up with the news and politics, and goes to bed earlier on the weekends than weeknights.  According to Dave Ramsey’s personality types though, I am the free spirit when it comes to budgeting.
  5. I am not a perfectionist.  This is something I have struggled with my whole life.  Secretly, I would like to be one; but honestly, it’s too much effort!  I admire the focus it takes to be a perfectionist, but it’s just something I don’t have.
  6. I love to cook!  For anybody who knew me when I was younger, this is a major accomplishment in my life.  When I left home for college, I couldn’t even fix macaroni and cheese!  I’m no Julia Child now, but I do enjoy experimenting with all kinds of recipes and types of food.  Because of major changes to our diet in the past year (more on that later), we are also eating a lot healthier.  Almost everything is fresh, non-processed, and made from scratch.  It was a little challenging at first, but after a while, you adjust to a new way of cooking.
  7. I should have studied harder in English/grammar in grade school.  Funny how you only think that after the fact!  Every post you read has to be edited by my husband because of my bad writing habits. He leaves some of the mistakes in so that it still sounds like me.  Thankfully, English is one of his strengths.  That’s one of the ways we balance each other out.  Haha.
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