It’s Just My Imagination

It’s amazing how sometimes the smallest changes can spark my imagination.  Michael Luke surprised me Christmas morning with new towels for our bathroom.

Ever since we went to visit my sister last year and felt how much softer her towels were than ours, we had been wanting new ones.  Not only were they softer, but larger than normal towels… beach towel size.

Our previous towels were a cream color, which looked pretty good in the bathroom.

I love this new aqua color though.  I think it gives the bathroom a lighter, more open feel.  Who knows?  It could just be the fact that my eyes enjoy a change in color.

Anyway, ever since I hung them up, I have been inspired to make other changes to the bathroom.  Changes to make the room more efficient, organized, and cleaner.  Does anybody turn to their Ikea Catalogue for organization ideas?  I have found a few good ideas there, as well as a few other places… including my imagination.

I’ll work on collecting all my thoughts, ideas, and pictures together and share them with you in another post.  This doesn’t mean that we are about to embark on a complete renovation of the bathroom.  These will just be a few things I would like to change over time.

Have your ever made a simple change to a room that sparked a flood of ideas to transform the rest of the room?

FYI:  Sorry these pictures are so yellow.  My camera is still MIA from our trip this past weekend.  I promise better ones next time.

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8 thoughts on “It’s Just My Imagination

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