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The other weekend Noah was given a book shower by some of my aunts and my sister.

I really loved this idea for a shower because instead of everyone coming to see my belly, they got to see Noah.  Such a better trade-off.  Anyway, it was fun, and Noah received lots of books!

She was in a little cradle that my sister and I used to put our dolls in!  And the afghan was crocheted by a lady who works with Michael Luke.

I wasn’t looking at the camera.  Several people were trying to take our picture at the same time… paparazzi.  Michael Luke and I are really looking forward to reading all of these books to her.  I hope she inherits my love for reading.

After ML unloaded our surplus of books, I tried to figure out how they would work best.  I knew they would go on her bookcases flanking her crib.

Space is limited though because the storage baskets (more on them here) hold toys, blankets, and burp cloths for the time being.  So I couldn’t really get rid of any of these.

I decided to separate the books into two piles:  books to read during her first year and books for when she is older.

The books to read during her first year pile went on the book shelves, and all the other books are stored on a shelf in her closet.  They are still visible and easily accessible, in case we decide not to wait a year to use them.

Even after separating the piles, the books still filled up two shelves.

I tried to arrange them by size since the tallest fit better on the top shelf.  But even with all the tweaking, it still didn’t seem very organized.

Thankfully the same day I was working on the bookcase, I decided to check out Design Mom‘s blog where she posted this amazing YouTube video about books!

Not only did I love the video, but I wanted to organize my bookshelves by color also!  After I told Michael Luke my plan, a little of his OCD got the best him, and he ended up organizing the books for me.

I love that he provided resting spots for the eye by placing some books horizontally.  Notice how your eye is drawn to the “A” bookend…

and “The Jesus Storybook Bible” and plate.

The simple shift in direction gives your eye a resting place.

The shelves look a lot more organized now and maintain the simple clean look I am going for.

Noah and I have already read several of the books, and I know we are going to have fun reading them all!

What do you think of her organized bookcase?  Have you organized books by color before?  Or anything else by color?  Or does this inspire you to organize anything by colors in your house?

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10 thoughts on “Ordered Color

    1. Krystle Post author

      Thanks! All your books will look beautiful displayed once you get them unpacked. I had a whole book case full of books growing up. They would have looked good organized by color. I have to keep mine packed up now… since Noah took over the office area.

    1. Krystle Post author

      Thank you! We had never heard of a girl Noah either, until my husband read Numbers 27 in the Bible. Noah was one of the daughters of Zelophehad.

  1. Mama

    When you have the time, your books at home will look neat done like this! Keep the different collections together, I guess, but in same color family. Neat!!!

    1. Krystle Post author

      It would look neat. I think it would help it look more organized and clean looking. The white book case would really pop if organized by color.

  2. Diana @ Boy + Girl

    I just found your blog and started reading though a few posts. I love this nursery! It’s very sweet! And it’s not too childish. It’s a room you get to enjoy too! Good job!

    1. Krystle Post author

      Thank you! That’s what I was going for… something she could grow into. So far I am loving it!


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