Defining Boundaries with Pottery

The other week I mentioned my desire to give our bathroom some updates (mentioned here). It all stemmed from these beautiful new towels I received for Christmas (mentioned here).

Well, I said it would be a slow transformation and budget permitting, so I started with a change that was free!

Originally, I used this piece of pottery to hold towels, soap, and lotion for guests to use. I figured it worked better than leaving them wondering where everything was stored in an unfamiliar bathroom.

But since we only have two bedrooms, and they are both permanently occupied, there is no need for guest towels and soap. The pottery has the same aqua color as my towels, so I decided to use it to hold Noah’s bathing supplies. We use an infant bathtub that sits on the counter.

Her supplies were stored in the base cabinet, but I had to get them out every time I bathed her.

Now, it’s all within easy reach and looks organized (that’s so unlike me)! Placing everything on the pottery instead of just setting it on the counter gives it a clean look as well as defined boundaries for everything. Arranging the taller items towards the back keeps it looking organized and makes it easy to see everything.

Noah also approves of the new set up!

So that’s one step complete in the bathroom transformation. I am not sure how quickly I will get to another one, but it will slowly come together.

What about you? Have you done any freebie transformations lately? Or do you have any other creative ways of organizing often used supplies together?

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7 thoughts on “Defining Boundaries with Pottery

  1. Wendy

    Aw…your little girl is so precious & the bathtime supplies look great the way you have arranged them on the counter! (I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my daughter at the end of February!)

  2. Jessica @ Stay at Home-ista

    I love how you displayed all your bath accessories. I have also taken to keeping the tub toys out, sometimes I even arrange them into faces for my bigger kids to enjoy. Plus, I Iove the rolled towels. I roll the towels in my bathroom too, and it makes it feel a little more like a fancy hotel:)

    1. Krystle Post author

      Thank you! It’s funny how changing the way a towel is displayed makes it feel fancier. I still haven’t decided what I am going to do with bath toys once she gets bigger. I like the idea of making faces out of them though.

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