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Has anybody else like me started searching for recipes on Pinterest? Mainly, I just repin other people’s pins (to everybody I follow, you have great taste). Unlike the crafts and design ideas I have found on there, I have actually cooked some of the pinned recipes. I thought I would share a few with you. These are easy, go-to recipes.

Chili’s Southwestern Egg Rolls with Avocado Ranch Sauce

The website suggests this as an appetizer, but I turned it into a meal simply by pairing it with some rice… Mexican rice would be great. This was my first attempt at making egg rolls. For anybody wondering (that would have been me), egg roll wrappers are found in the produce section near the mushrooms and salad dressing. This is a great meatless meal, but shredded chicken could easily be added to the mix for those meat lovers out there. These egg rolls are baked not fried, so it’s perfect for anybody still sticking to their new year’s resolution to eat healthier and lose weight! My avocado was not ripe enough, so I made the sauce without it. It turned out fine.

Chocolate Banana Treat

I have to confess mine didn’t turn out anything like the picture. Even after two tries, it still didn’t look like the picture. But it tasted great… that’s what counts. Ours ended up looking more like chocolate pudding. This is the perfect, healthy dessert for my banana-loving husband and this chocolate-craving wife! At 110 calories who can resist?

Zucchini with Roma Tomatoes and Basil

They suggest this as a side, but I turned mine into the main dish just by placing it on a bed of pasta and fixing corn as the side. The zucchini was so juicy and full of flavor… this is definitely a recipe I will use again. Any good meaty tomato will work. Whole Foods didn’t have any Roma Tomatoes. So I bought the least expensive ones I could find, and they worked great. The recipe calls for bread crumbs, but I left them out (packaged bread crumbs are a possible source of msg… migraine triggers). And it still tasted wonderful.

One Minute Peanut Butter Cake

This recipe uses common ingredients in your kitchen. I actually had all of them on hand, so I gave it a try the first day I pinned it. I hate to break the bad news… it might take a little longer (allow 5 minutes). That’s a small price to pay to get such a yummy dessert though. A mixture of peanut butter, chocolate and a few other goodies are poured in a ramekin (or bowl) and zapped in the microwave for 30 seconds. That’s right! Thirty seconds and you have a cake, a delicious cake at that. My husband couldn’t believe it. Unlike the chocolate banana treat, this recipe is for days when you feel like splurging, or you can split it (that’s what we did).

Have you tried any of these recipes from Pinterest? Have you found any others that are a must to try? I am always open to new recipes! We love variety in cooking at my house.

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10 thoughts on “Cooking with Pinterest

  1. helen brown

    We love the oatmeal pancake mix. It uses ground oatmeal that I grind in my food processer and whole wheat flour. I use olive oil for the oil and when you get ready to use it you combine yogurt, skim milk, and an egg. health and delish.

    1. Krystle Post author

      Oh good. I pinned that one and have been wanting to try it. I can’t eat Chick fil-a anymore but miss the taste of their chicken.

    1. Krystle Post author

      They have been added to our family favorite list. So easy and healthy too. I get hungry thinking about them.


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