Got To Nail It Down

This past Sunday ML, Noah, and I spent the afternoon at the Birmingham Home and Garden Show.

We bought the tickets for half price a few weeks ago on Living Social and had been looking forward to it ever since then.

It was so busy downtown that we had to park a few blocks away and make a fast run for the building.  Thankfully, Noah was a trooper about the whole thing.

There were over 300 vendors… so enough to keep us occupied for a while.  We enjoyed looking at all the exhibits and dreaming some of the products were ours.

Like this garden…

and inflatable pool.

 And wouldn’t a hood like the one on the bottom be cool over the stove.  Of course it would take up the whole wall in our kitchen.

The coolest thing we found and hope to put to good use is a tile and glass cutter.

With one easy swipe it creates a fault line in the tile or glass.  Next, clamp the tool onto the material and gently press down.  The tile or glass cleanly breaks exactly where the fault line was.  We believe this will give us the confidence to tackle the tile in our bathroom and hopefully install a back splash in our kitchen.  Let’s just hope it was as easy at that guy made it look.    I’ll let you know when we give it a try.

While there we were hoping to get some ideas to use when we update our kitchen…

and redo our back yard (deck).

We know we want to replace the deck in the back yard.  A material hasn’t been nailed down yet (no pun intended).  But our main concerns are creating an area for Noah to play and addressing our abundance of shade.    The whole right side of the deck gets very limited amounts of sun.  Because of this it normally takes a while for our wood deck to dry after a rain and limits the types of plants we can grow.

I am excited about the complete redo of the back yard.  First, ML wants me to brainstorm, pin inspirations pictures, and sketch a layout.  Sounds like a fun assignment to me.  I have already started pinning a few inspiration pictures.



We would like to go ahead and make a few upgrades to the kitchen.  Any upgrade to a kitchen is always good for the resale value of the house.  We are not planning on selling our house for another few years, but we would like to enjoy the kitchen renovation instead of just fixing it up to help it sell quicker.  Don’t get too excited though.  Ours probably won’t be as fancy as any of the inspiration picutres (gotta stay in the budget), but it helps get my mind going.

We definitely won’t try to tackle it all at once.  My first goal is to gather all my ideas together and actually pin down what style and color scheme I like.  I don’t want to go too trendy, incase trends change before we put the house on the market.  After we decide on a color scheme, we will start to look more at what materials to use.

I have already pinned a few inspiration pictures for the kitchen too!



I will be pinning all my inspiration pictures to Pinterest.  Once I have some concrete ideas, I will work on a mood board to show you what we have planned.

Did anybody else do anything fun this past weekend?  Have you been pinning inspiration pictures for a particular renovation to your house?
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4 thoughts on “Got To Nail It Down

    1. Krystle Post author

      They are great places to find inspiration. And the Birmingham show had over forty booths handing out free food! We had a great afternoon out!


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