God Pulled the Plug

Yesterday, God decided to pull the plug on our laptop.  I wanted to send it one of these.

I tried several times to get it to turn on but never had any success.  Finally, I decided just to let ML deal with it when he got home.  It’s really not that surprising that it could be gone forever though.  This summer our little Apple Powerbook G4 will be seven years old!  That’s ancient in computer years.  Up until yesterday we haven’t had any problems with it.  My sister gave it to us three years ago after she bought herself a new Apple laptop as her graduation present to herself.  You can’t unplug it because the battery ran out of life years ago, but that doesn’t matter since we have it hooked up to an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

I considered this pulling of the plug God’s way of giving me a chance to slow down… and take a breather.  All this week I have felt frazzled.  My to-do list was full and only kept growing.   I have been scrambling to and fro trying to gather supplies to make a gift for my sister who is getting married soon.  I have really been struggling with what to get her.  I wanted it to be something special… especially since she asked me to be her matron of honor!   I have made a couple of trips to the craft store, debated what I wanted the gift to look like, and stressed over if I could rise to the task.  All of this has led to a hectic week.

It has felt like finals week in college… except with a little more sleep and less junk food.  I am not a perfectionist, but I really want to do a good job on her gift.  Especially since she is a perfectionist.  So I have been fighting my tendency to do things “good enough” and instead have been very careful, cautious, and precise.  So far so good!  I can’t tell you what it is though.  I don’t want to spoil the surprise for her.

Needless to say, I really enjoyed God freeing up my time yesterday where I could focus more on her gift and my other chores for the week instead of working on a blog post.  And to top it all off, when Michael Luke finally checked on the computer last night, he thought I was joking.  All he did was press the power button, and it turned on immediately!  All I could say was, “I guess God didn’t want me using the laptop yesterday.”

Before he “fixed” the laptop, I was able to start this post on our Mac Mini downstairs.  We use the TV as the monitor for it, so we can watch Hulu on the big screen.  It is nice to have a computer to fall back on (especially one with a 40″ monitor), but I am really glad to have my laptop back.

Thankfully, everything is back up and running now.  It’s probably not a bad idea to go ahead and back up all my pictures though.  Incase this happens again… permanently.

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3 thoughts on “God Pulled the Plug

  1. Jessica @ Stay at Home-ista

    7 years is ancient in computer time, I think mine go for about 4 years before they die:) I’m glad you got a moment or two to catch-up or slow down. Sometimes it’s nice to have that. I’ve been trying to find that balance between spending time with the kids, blogging, and having enough time for myself that I don’t go crazy.

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