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Michael Luke and I are all about maximizing the space we have… An organized space is a larger space.  We noticed not too long ago that we were missing out on some valuable wall real estate in our living room.

Our entertainment center was really the only useful thing on this wall.  We began to make plans to incorporate our computer desk on the same wall. Not that it doesn’t work well in the nursery.  So far so good, but it might become more of a challenge when Noah starts going to sleep for the night early in the evening.  At first, I had my eye on this wall unit from Ikea.  I loved the hidden compartment for the computer and the functionality of the whole unit.

The problem was the price tag.  It’s a reasonably priced unit, but we really haven’t budgeted for a new piece.  And there are plenty of other things I would rather spend money on around the house.  I began to plan how to utilize our space with what we had.

The other week I was just laying on the couch (you know being productive) when the solution dawned on me… to angle the entertainment center in the left corner of the wall.  I mentioned the idea to Michael Luke but didn’t expect him to go for it so quickly.  He jumped on board with the idea, and the first free night he had, he rearranged the living room.

We love the new location of the entertainment center because it is at a better angle for viewing the TV from the sofa.

We have been living with this new layout for a few weeks now and really have enjoyed it.  And while we don’t plan on relocating the desk downstairs anytime soon, we have created ourselves a little reading nook.

Even though it looks really similar to how it was laid out on the opposite side of the room, we find we are using the chair more in this location.  Michael Luke has been using it for his quiet time in the mornings.  The bench is more functional in it’s new home too.  It provides a better sitting place for guests since the wall can now act as a backrest, and if we ever decide to move the desk downstairs, it will take the place of the chair and wooden screen (which is hiding all of our paint cans and return vent).

Don’t worry about the two different colored walls.  We already have plans to repaint the living room… something lighter to really open up the room.  Originally, our olive sofa was on the orange wall and our entertainment center was on the wall beside the fireplace.

(This was on moving day.)

After that, we moved the entertainment center to the orange wall, the love seat beside the fireplace, and sofa facing the sliding glass doors.  I love the sofa in this position because the view extends outside the room which makes it appear larger than it really is.

So now we are on our third furniture layout for the living room.  Which basically means while we love it now, it could easily change if we decide it might work better some other way.

So what do you think… is this new layout for the better?  Have you or do you have plans to rearrange your living room?  Or are you on your third furniture arrangement in a certain room in your house?

FYI:  ML and I have been working on a few more changes to the living room.  Nothing major but a few minor ones that are making the room even more functional.  I can’t wait to share them with you.

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13 thoughts on “Slide On Over

  1. Regan @ RenovatingRothenbergers

    The new arrangements seem much more functional already! We’ve probably rearranged our living room at least 10 times since we moved here in July. . . but I’m pretty happy with the setup we have going now. We’ve added some new furniture to our room so I’ll have to take pics & share soon! 🙂

    1. Krystle Post author

      Thanks! We love it too but because of the lack of ceiling lights it comes off really dark in the evenings. Hopefully, a lighter paint color will help to bounce some of the light off of the walls.

  2. Suzy @ Suzy Home Made

    YES! The new layout is so much better because everything isn’t pushed against a wall and it creates neat little spaces in your home. I love your furniture by the way! It almost gives off a Tibetan feel…love it!

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