Pop On the Mantel

Now that we have officially hit Summer Spring I thought I would get in the mood a little by decorating our mantel.

I really didn’t know how I wanted to decorate it but I knew I wanted color. I have seen so many great looking mantels decorated with white for spring but I just don’t have a ton of white decor so I decided color was a better route for me. Plus our mantel and brick are both light in color so a little color would pop out against it.

Like most of my ideas these days I started looking on Pinterest for ideas. I really didn’t find any inspiration until I saw this table top display.


I loved the pop of color the tissue paper pom-pom balls added! Even though its a table top display the concept is basically the same. So the next time I was at Walmart I picked up a packet of tissue paper.

I decided on the multi-color packet because I was able to get a ton of sheets for a great price (it even says “Great Value” on the cellophane) and I figured I could use the leftovers for actual tissue paper for gift bags.

Even though we used tissue paper pom-poms in Noah’s nursery I didn’t make them. So I did a little Google search and decided to use Martha Stewart’s method. The directions are fairly straight forward and simple.

Does it bug anybody else that Martha Stewart is the queen of all things craft, gardening, and cooking but yet she probably doesn’t come up with 90% of the stuff… it ‘s all her staff. Oh, well the method and tutorial worked.

Since, I didn’t have enough of any color to make a solid color pom-pom I decided to go with the ombre look.

I made three pom-poms, used dental floss as string (because Noah was sleeping in the room with the thread), and hung them from the ceiling with a thumb tack.

I planned to hang one higher than the others to hide the brackets of the mirror that normally hangs on the mantel. Varying the height helped also to create some visual movement.

After playing around with some pottery, baskets, and other odds and ends this is what I ended up with.

I really wanted to incorporate some greenery into the decorations since Spring brings so much new life. And since Easter falls during the Spring I added a cross and our “As For Me and My Family We will Serve The Lord” plaque. I think it’s my favorite part.

I think the pom-poms add a whimsical touch to the mantel. Which is not really like me but I think it is appropriate now that we have a little one around the house. I wouldn’t even be surprised if these pom-poms make an appearance at her birthday party later this year!

So for less than five dollars I was able to give our mantel a little pop of color for Spring.

What do you think? Did you decorate your mantel for Spring? If so, did you use neutrals or pops of color?

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