Flower Power

You know that feeling you get when you come back from a trip, and the house is in order… welcoming you back? Yeah, well that’s not exactly what I got Sunday when we got back home. The house wasn’t in bad shape, but it definitely needs some work now that all of our luggage and bags have been brought in and scattered in various rooms all over the house. It already makes the week ahead seem daunting!

We did have a great weekend though. Lauren, my one and only baby sister, got married Saturday!

I still find that a little hard to believe. Not that I didn’t have fair enough warning, but just the fact that it officially makes us grown up now! I am happy for her and her husband and think they make an excellent couple.

I was her Matron of Honor. Michael Luke was an usher. And Noah was the flower girl.

Isn’t Noah just precious? My sister found this outfit for her on Etsy. Noah made a great flower girl. Since she couldn’t walk, crawl, or ride (in a wagon) down the aisle, she recruited some help before the wedding. Her rocker/cradle was draped with green linen fabric. Then, netting with flower petals sewn in was draped on top of the fabric. So Noah was in a bed of roses. Beside her was a small table also covered in green linen fabric. Her flower basket sat on top of it with a sign beside it that said, “Lend the flower girl a hand. Take a few petals and scatter them along the way to your seat.”

Thankfully, I had timed Noah’s wake time perfectly. She cooed and smiled the whole time people walked by her to grab their petals. She did get a little sleepy (ok, a lot) right before the wedding started. Thankfully, someone had already volunteered to take care of her during the wedding. They made a little trip outside, so Noah could wail her guts out before falling asleep. All in all, I think Noah was a wonderful flower girl, and my sister got to walk down a rose petal covered aisle!

The wedding and reception were beautiful. My sister planned everything herself. She even designed and made the Save The Dates, invitations, and wedding programs. How many brides find time to do that?

So we had a great weekend, but now it’s back to cleaning, laundry, and cooking. What about you? Did you do something special this past weekend? Are your chores staring you in the face this week? Or did you use the weekend to get caught up on your chores?

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7 thoughts on “Flower Power

    1. Krystle Post author

      Thanks! We were a little nervous that she might not fair so well in a crowd away from her parents but she did great.

    1. Krystle Post author

      I do too! She will be wearing this as her Easter dress… and for every other special occasion we have in the next few months.

  1. Mama

    Noah was the prettiest flower girl! She even tried to talk to everyone there! Aunt La was so proud of her on her special day! Marmee thought she was the finest!!! Like Mother like Daughter! Y’all were
    Both beautiful! Dresses were great to suggest what would have been worn in that day and time of Merrehope!

  2. Trista

    Oh. My. Goodness. I have never seen a more precious flower girl in all my life! What a great idea! Congrats to your sister!

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