Gone Fishin’

Our master bath renovation is a slow work in progress… and I can assure you it’s not getting any faster. So far we have added new colorful towels, organized Noah’s bathing supplies, and added a touch of color. The other week I was cleaning out and organizing the bathroom cabinets and found this little guy.

He lost his spot in our bathroom a year or two ago when I decided he didn’t really go with anything and he was just collecting dust on the floor. So I stuck him in the cabinet. His blue outer “shell” had even chipped off in a few places. My feelings for him had not changed too much since then. But the more I looked him the more I thought he may not be so bad if he just had a fresh coat of paint.

Since I had nothing to lose and some leftover paint from this project for Valentine’s Day, I decided to go for it.

One of the great features of this paint is that it is an indoor/outdoor acrylic, which means it will hold up well in the humidity of a bath room. I also love that it is a gloss paint.

Before I started painting my little fish, I wiped him down. When I turned him upside down to see if anything had fallen in his mouth, this fell out.

I’m not sure what it goes to or how it got there. I’ve had this fish since college, so no telling when I put it there. I have always been really great with coming up with super secretive hiding places and passwords and then forgetting them! Is anybody else like that? There was probably some point in history when I searched frantically for this key. Oh, well!

Update: ML just informed me it is the key to our fireproof safe. He had hidden it there and forgot about it.

After I got him all good and clean, I applied my first coat of paint. It’s a little bit of a challenge for me not to get too paint happy and apply too thick of a coat. Paint works best if you apply thin even coats.

So coat after coat, I painted.

Slowly (after four coats), I got a good solid white coverage. I even painted around the opening of his mouth because truth be told all the darkness has always been a little scary to me. Maybe if it wasn’t so dark, I would have known there was a key hidden in there.

This little guy was starting to grow on me. Before I began painting him, I debated whether to paint him white or aqua like some of the other pieces in the master bath. Obviously, I ended up picking white. Aqua would have worked as well, but I didn’t want him to be too much of a statement piece in the room. Plus if I ever change my mind, I can always paint him aqua. No biggie.

Once he was all good and dry, I brought him inside. (I took advantage of the beautiful weather and painted him outside!)

For now he is sitting beside our sink. He may move (or swim) to another place in the bathroom eventually. Who knows? I do like him now that he is all glossy and white though. And the best part is that this little transformation didn’t cost me anything!

Now we are one step closer in our bathroom renovation!


Have you done any bathroom renovations on the cheap lately? What have you been doing to take advantage of the beautiful weather?

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10 thoughts on “Gone Fishin’

  1. Mama

    I remember this age old friend from college! Paint glossed him up and made him younger! Looks good!

    1. Krystle Post author

      Thanks! I think Nannie might have given it to me.

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  2. Barbara @ DIY Home Staging Tips

    I have a similar fish. I bought him at Lowes only a year ago as a fountain “squirter.” He needed some paint touchups and he got them just the other day, so he looks better than ever because I sprayed him with a satin paint after touching up the blues with acrylic paint just like yours. White’s what you want in a bath, I think. Nice work.

    1. Krystle Post author

      I love how quickly paint can transform something!

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  3. Trista

    Maybe he could be a new toothbrush holder? I think he’s really cute. I love that he’s a fish (obviously), but doesn’t give your bathroom a cheesy fishy look!

    1. Krystle Post author

      That’s exactly what ML thought about using him for this morning! I guess it would work. I might need to finish painting the inside of him first though since he is porous. I only painted right around the opening of his mouth.

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    1. Krystle Post author

      Thanks! I think he looks pretty good too! Plus he really pairs well with the white sink and medicine cabinet.

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