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I have been thinking a lot about color lately. Not just red, green, blue kinda thoughts but thoughts about how my/our taste in color change and how it has changed with the economy. I think I have pretty much always been open to changes in color. I really don’t even have a favorite color. Maybe black, since I seem to have more of that color than any other in my wardrobe.

Color effects us in so many ways. One way is emotionally. For instance, it’s not unusual to find a lot of blues and greens used in a healthcare environment because the colors have such soothing and calming properties. In the same way, I believe the overall tastes in color have shifted over the past few years to realign with the state of the economy. Before the recession (back when ML and I first graduated college), rich, warm earth tones were really popular (and can still be found in our house).


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These colors made homes feel cozy and warm. It makes sense that this style would accompany the McMansion phase of our country. Dark woods and large furniture paired with larger homes. Then came the recession and the need/desire to simplify. Simplify budgets, life, and design. More lighter neutrals started to pop up in design.

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Grays with blue undertones and soft whites. As the average size of the house decreased in America, we turned to lighter colors and smaller scale furniture to help our spaces feel larger. Windows and natural light were maximized. Less was more.

Michael Luke was still in graduate school during this phase of the economy/design. The recession didn’t really affect us too much because we weren’t making much to begin with! We didn’t really make a lot of design changes besides moving furniture around every now and then to maximize the most of our space.

Now, the country has emerged out of the recession (according to some people). The color scheme hasn’t shifted all that much, but you do find pops of bright colors being added.

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Almost a sense of celebration that we have made it through! For instance, this year bright oranges, blues, and yellows are popular. They add a little energy to the color pallet. I see the color scheme for our house shifting this way. It all started with Noah’s room.

The light gray on the walls really helped the room feel large and open. Pops of color can be found in the curtains, dresser, and chair.

If I ever get around to it, I have a light blue picked out for the Master Bedroom. Plus these satin nickel wall sconces.

Using metallic finishes, like satin nickel, helps keep a space with predominantly woods from feeling too weighted down. The smallness of scale will also help balance the large size of the bed and night stands.

We also have plans to go back and paint the living room a lighter neutral to reflect the sunlight that the room gets. The furniture stays though. We don’t plan to invest in more furniture until we get settled in a more permanent house.

And the most exciting project will be the renovation of the kitchen.

In my mind it already looks great! I can’t wait ’til y’all can see it. Check out my Pinterest board for some of my ideas.

So long story short, I guess this is just a post to let you know how I feel about color right now! Do you have a color scheme you are trying to achieve? Do you notice shifts in your color preferences?

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6 thoughts on “Thoughts on Color

    1. Krystle Post author

      I know what you mean. I feel like my “inner me” wants the lighter shades with pops of color. But it is so hard to do when so much of what I have is the warm earth tones.. which I still like. I am looking forward to transitioning my color pallet that to the more lighter colors though.
      I guess the easiest way to determine your favorite would be to see which style you are drawn to first/most when you go shopping.

  1. Linda @ it all started with paint

    Noah’s room is darling. Love the pops of color and that yellow dresser is so fun. I think your room painted in blue will be a huge transformation!

    Interesting take of pre- and post- (though I think we’re still mid-) recession styles …

    1. Krystle Post author

      Thank you! Noah’s room is one of my favorite rooms in the house… which is good because I spend a lot of time there.

  2. Richella @ Imparting Grace

    Krystle, these are great thoughts about color! I believe you’ve identified the heart of the matter here.

    I’ve always been a “color” person, but have for 20+ years now used color along with lots of neutrals. For many years I had quite a bit of red going on around here. I’ve shifted away from so much red over the past year or so. Blue has always been another of my favorites. But green is my definite favorite. Maybe I’ve spent so much time in healthcare situations that I just gravitate toward blue and green?!

    Thank you so very much for joining Grace at Home!


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