Turquoise Beauty

Last week I shared my kitchen inspiration board where you got a glimpse of our new rug.  A rug that we have completely fallen for (not literally though).  You may remember the rug we were all most in agreement on…


was sold out so for a close second place I found this little guy from Seasonal Home Concepts.


This rug had several great features one being the price.

I was able to snag it for $56 after shipping.  This was way below my budgeted $125 amount!  Before purchasing I searched for coupon codes and found one that offered free shipping.  It made me one happy lady!

Another great feature is that like the World Market rug that stole our hearts first this one is an indoor/outdoor rug.  Indoor/outdoor materials and fabrics are great for areas that get a lot of use (children in the home).  I think I have convinced ML that our furniture from hear on out need to be indoor/outdoor fabric.


This rug is made from recycled plastic, resists moisture, and staining.  If it gets really dirty we can just take it outside and hose it off.  Don’t let the recycled plastic fool you, it is really soft and comfortable to walk on.  It kind of has a little cushion to it.

Now for the drum roll please (tap, tap, tap, tap).


Our Venice Outdoor Rug in it’s new home… our kitchen.    At 4’x6′ this rug is slightly larger than our previous one.

But I think it feels the space nicely.  Plus, since who knows how long it takes us to actually pull off this DIY kitchen renovation the turquoise rug looks great with the red walls in the meantime.



I’m still debating what our next step of action will be.  Counter samples came in last week but I’m thinking either painting the walls or cabinets will be next.

So what do you think?  Have you incorporated any outdoor materials into the interior decor of your home?  Which step would you tackle next in the kitchen?

Oh, and for the complete kitchen run down see how this whole thing got started here, our process of choosing a rug here, and our kitchen inspiration board here?

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13 thoughts on “Turquoise Beauty

    1. Krystle Post author

      Thanks Trista! I think they are pretty soft and love the cushion they provide but it would really be a matter of opinion if they would work as a living room rug. You are welcome to come over and look at ours if you want to. Since it is made from recycled plastic it has a little bit of a sheen to it… instead of the typical matte look you get from other types of rugs. Maybe check into other types of indoor/outdoor rugs as well to get a comparison. I definitely plan to only use indoor/outdoor rugs from now on though… especially in family friendly areas.

  1. Mama

    Are indoor/ outdoor rugs safe for kitchens? Safe against fires, like grease popping when frying?

    1. Krystle Post author

      Just as safe as any other material used in as a rug in a kitchen. We don’t do a lot of frying so we don’t have to worry about that. I guess you could always roll it up if that was a problem for you.

    1. Krystle Post author

      Thanks! I like to think of the rug as a baby step in the whole kitchen renovation project. The other steps are a little bigger but I look forward to tackling them.


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