Blogging 101

The title may be a little misleading.  This is not a post of “How to Blog” or “The Secret to Blogging”, instead this is a post celebrating my 101st post.

I’ve been blogging for almost a year and I realize that some people reach the 101st post milestone way ahead of me but it has been so much fun.  Generally, I try to blog twice a week (three times right now because of the Nehemiah study).  I would love to go all “Young House Love” on you and blog consitently every day but honestly that’s just not gonna happen with me.  Between taking care of Noah, cooking and cleaning, reading and commenting on other blogs, and completing projects to actually blog about two posts is really pushing it for me.

To celebrate this milestone I thought I would look back at some of the posts and projects from the past year.

Start the projector…

Noah’s Nursery

Starting out as a guest bedroom/office, Noah’s room received a complete makeover.  We  kicked off the transformation by painting the walls and then adding a crib, chair, and changing table/dresser.  Want to know how we painted the dresser?  Check out this post.  And in case we didn’t have enough color I made a hot pink clothespin starburst mirror for above the changing table. We also scored a great deal on this fabric and used it as curtains, crib skirt, and for the office chair we repainted.  My sister painted the custom painting for above the crib and I got a little crafty and made the butterfly mobile.  After receiving so many books we brought a little order to the book shelves by arranging the books by color and adding colorful boxes for storage.  To add a little more personality to the room I added a Cabbage Patch Doll lamp I made back in college and colorful poms for above the book case.

Noah’s Birth Story

In this Thankful Thursday post I shared my experience of going into labor while still at work, a strange craving for chicken noodle soup, and why I finally broke down for an epidural.

Dining Room Table Makeover: Our Fifth Anniversary Gift

We gave new life to an old beat up Duncan Phyfe table we found at a yard sale for twenty bucks.  I made my own chalk paint and turned the top into a chalkboard!  Now our table really does change with the seasons.

Kitchen Renovation Moodboard

kitchen, art

Using this piece of artwork as a basis for our new kitchen design led us to this inspiration board.

My Sunshine Kitchen

Now we have begun the slow process of transforming our kitchen… starting with purchasing a new rug.


Backyard: Planter Transformation

Working with what I had I gave my old plastic planters a facelift using a little spray paint.

Looking back I guess we really have accomplished a lot in the past 100 posts. Hopefully, the next 100 will be productive!  I have enjoyed sharing with y’all along the way and really appreciate all the encouraging comments.  Thanks for being such great readers!

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    1. Krystle Post author

      Thank you! I would love to use marble countertops but since we live in a townhouse the likely hood that that we would make it back is pretty low. What I am hoping to use is actually a laminate but looks like marble. It’s basically a digital print of a marble slab on laminate. It’s not the real thing but will look great installed plus it’s a fraction of the cost.


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