Family Friday: “Momma”

The world of Mommyhood somehow managed to get even sweeter this week.

For the past few weeks ML and I have been able to recognize a “Momma” sound whenever Noah is crying. It has been really sweet but let’s face it, it would be nice if she said it more than when she is crying. I mean we have been getting “Da-da” for a little over two months now.

This week she finally said it though!

Over and over again we have heard “Momma“. Well, honestly it sounds more like “Mooooom-ma, Mo Mo Momma.” But I don’t care it counts in my book. She hasn’t associated the word with me yet but I know that will come in time. For now I am just enjoying her repeat “Momma” over and over again.


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7 thoughts on “Family Friday: “Momma”

  1. Trista

    Yay! Ruby still isn’t saying “mama” yet, but she did go through a phase where she kind of moaned it when she was crying. But now I get nothing. Nothing.

    1. Krystle Post author

      It’s such a blessing! I’m sure it will melt your hear when you get to hear them. Not much longer until you will be holding a little one in your arms!

    1. Krystle Post author

      That’s what I have heard from several people. Mama only comes out when their child is crying. I guess we just comfort them better.


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