Operation Bring Sunshine to Kitchen

So, remember a few months ago when I shared my inspiration board for our kitchen.

My Sunshine Kitchen

 Besides the turquoise rug we really haven’t done much since then on the renovation.
 I guess I should say we haven’t completed any tasks. We have been gathering info about products and appliances as well as ordering samples of finishes. It’s time to actually get started now though.  Before that can happen we need a budget and before we have a budget we need a list of everything we I would like to accomplish.
I’ve know this for a while but have just been putting it off.  It’s just not as much fun as gazing lovingly at countertop samples or strolling the appliance aisles wondering if side by side or armoire style is best.
So here goes…

Operation Bring Sunshine to the Kitchen

  • new countertops
  • paint upper and lower cabinets
  • under cabinet lighting
  • new refrigerator
  • new above range microwave oven
  • paint walls
  • tile backsplash
  • add cut out to pantry door
  • clean grout in tile floor
  • new hardware for cabinet doors and drawers
  • replace ceiling fan and light
 Now that it’s all done on paper computer I can get to work researching prices for what I have in mind.  Once I get an overall guestimation of what the renovation should cost, we plan to take that number and call it our “We Can Beat That” price.  You know, kind of like what you do when you see the ETA on your navigation system.  Our goal is to see how far below the number we can get while at the same time accomplishing everything on our list.

Source: dormify.com via Lynn on Pinterest

I am going to try my best to have all my research done by next week.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to give you a budget break down of everything and then ML and I can get to work transforming this kitchen!
Is there a project that is way overdue starting?  Or maybe you or still saving up for it?  Do your projects consist of “We Can Beat That” prices?

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11 thoughts on “Operation Bring Sunshine to Kitchen

  1. Kelly @ Corner of Main

    We are going to update our kitchen someday…hopefully! We decided to slowly purchase new appliances, and kind of do things slowly. So far we have a new stove, dishwasher, and got a fridge the other day =) Now we have to decide what to do next.

    1. Krystle Post author

      Updating all the appliances is major but really pays off in looks. I remember when y’all got your stove… it looks great. We have already been shopping around refrigerators too. Now we are just waiting on the right time to pounce on a sale.

    1. Krystle Post author

      I know what you mean. And on top of that keeping it real and only doing what would be beneficial for resale. We only plan to be here a few more years before moving back closer to our parents. In my dreams it would be a top notch kitchen but in reality we are going for the sale this house quickly factor.

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