Kitchen Budget Breakdown

The other week I gave you the run down on what our plan is for the kitchen.  (Check out our mood board here.)  I took a little longer than expected (gasp… shocker I know) but I’m back with all the budget numbers and our “We Can Beat That Price” to beat.

So here goes.

Operation Bring Sunshine to the Kitchen (Estimated Pricing)

  • new countertops– ($600 counters, $427 labor installation)  We realize granite is the going thing in houses these days but we are opting for something a little different.  At first we considered s solid surface material such as Corian but believe it or not it is pricing higher than granite right now.  For a few years though I have had my eye on Formica’s 180FX.
It’s a laminate but doesn’t have a pattern repeat like your typical laminate.  It’s a digital image of a real slab of stone printed onto a piece of laminate with the texture and sheen of the stone it is portraying.
We are going with the pattern shown above, Dolce Vita.  I am so excited about it and can’t wait to see it installed.  If everything goes well we will have our new counters installed within the next two months!  Yay!
  • paint upper and lower cabinets – ($30) Not much to say here… just paint.  I do plan to take one of our doors to Sherwin Williams and see what type of paint and process they recommend.  The paint that is on them right now is super durable and doesn’t have any chips.  I want the same thing with our new paint.
  • under cabinet lighting– ($70)  I had been eyeing some under cabinet lights from IKEA for a while and thought that was what I would go with but I found some LED under cabinet lights at Sam’s last month that won me over.  They are battery operated (which works out a lot better for our kitchen set up) and are all controlled by one remote.  So much easier than having to turn each individual light off by hand.
  • new refrigerator– ($1,100)  We’ve got it narrowed down to one refrigerator.
Our house is over thirty years old (older than us) and wasn’t designed for the larger refrigerators on the market today.  Samsung offers this 30″ wide, armoire style one though that will fit perfectly in our little area.  We’re just waiting for the right price to pop up before we pounce on him.
  • new above range microwave oven– $150
We actually already bought this little dude, way under what we were originally budgeting for it.  I’ll fill you in on everything once we get him installed.
  • paint walls– ($30)  Pretty self explanatory.
  • tile backsplash– ($30 tile, $30 supplies) I’m thinking inexpensive white subway tile with a darker grout color.  I’ve been seeing that a lot lately and like that it won’t show dirt as much.
  • add cut out to pantry door– ($20)  This explanation works better with a picture.

  • clean grout in tile floor– (10) Since we decided economically it makes sense to keep our ceramic tile floors I’m going to try to revive them a little by cleaning the grout.
  • new hardware for cabinet doors and drawers– ($100) Upgrading to satin nickel finish hardware. A little extra eye candy for the room.
  • replace ceiling fan and light– ($160)  Updating the builder grade fan to something a little more modern.
So that brings our grand total estimated budget to $2,757.  Which isn’t a bad price for a kitchen renovation but We Can Beat That!
So follow us along on our journey as we attempt to renovate our kitchen for under our estimated price.
Are you working on any “We can beat that” projects? What one room are you just itching to start renovating?  Are you as visual as me and have to write type stuff down so that you picture everything?


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9 thoughts on “Kitchen Budget Breakdown

    1. Krystle Post author

      Thanks! It really helped me to see every thing typed out and get an idea of what all needs to be done. Now, let the fun begin!

  1. Laura

    Love your choices. Just one note … I have those LED lights from Sam’s. I learned very quickly to turn them on and off individually. If you leave them on “standby” (allowing for the one main switch to control them) versus turning them completely off, you will go through batteries within a week. (for us, that was 6 batteries x 6 lights) Love them though!

    1. Krystle Post author

      Thank you so much for this advice. I don’t want to be going through batteries like candy. I’ll have to do some more looking around…. maybe lights that turn off individually are the way to go.

  2. Beth

    The more you do yourself, the more you save, but watch out for little things that creep up on you unexpectedly….there is always something that you didn;t think to include that will pop up later, I am in the middle of a bathroom reno… but I’m interested to see your finished kitchen, God Bless!

    1. Krystle Post author

      Hidden little surprises always through you for a loop. I’m sure we will come across plenty… especially since our house is over thirty. A bathroom reno sounds fun. Maybe someday we will get around to that.

  3. Kelly @ Corner of Main

    That is not bad at all; great job!
    I am all for the higher quality laminate in a kitchen. I actually think we are going to look into this as a cost effective option too! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Krystle Post author

      I was visiting a different Lowe’s than our normal one yesterday and actually got a see the Formica 180FX in person. It was beautiful! From a distance I couldn’t tell if it was real or laminate. Hopefully, mine will have the same wow factor. I’ll let you know how everything goes.


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