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While we are waiting on the installation of our kitchen counters we decided to take advantage of this opportunity and make another area of our kitchen a little more functional.

Our spice storage.  Up until this point all of our spices (and we have a lot) have been stored in the pantry… or better know as the tall cabinet.


One night when Michael Luke was channeling his inner OCD he suggested that we move all the spices to one of the drawers near the stove.  That would put the spices in easy reach while cooking, as well as free up valuable real estate in the pantry.

So we have been talking about doing it for a couple of months now… maybe it’s just me channeling my inner procrastination but it hasn’t gotten done.

Until this week.


It’s nothing fancy or pin worthy but we now have easily accessible spices.  To start with I emptied the third drawer down.


It had nothing major in it and we were able to easily relocate the few things that were neatly placed shoved in there.


After clearing the drawer I moved all the spices in.

Nothing fancy or super organized because I know I won’t be able to keep them that way.  With this functional solution came one problem though. You couldn’t read most of the labels any more.  A problem like this certainly called for a trip to Jo-Ann for Noah and me!  I just love an excuse to roam the aisles looking for inspiration.

My goal for this project was to keep it super simple and inexpensive.  All I need is for my spice drawer to be functional not competing for the cover of Better Homes and Garden.  So I found a 1″ wide circle hole punch and headed home.

I used some scrap scrapbook paper to cut my circles and then applied Mod – Podge to the tops of the spice lids.

Once applied, I lay the circle on top and covered with another layer of Mod – Podge.

Next, I waited for them to dry and then wrote the name of the spice on top of each lid.  Nothing fancy here.  Martha Stewart is not gonna get jealous over this one.


There is plenty of opportunity to dress this up or down as much as you want to though.  For instance, if you wanted something a little more put together I bet you could find some round Avery labels, design something cute with the spice name incorporated on it, and print them out.  Or just use some round dots that you might have left over from a yard sale.        They all get the job done in the end!

So there you have it… my easy peasy makeover of our spice storage.

How/where do you store your spices?  Do you transfer the spices to special jars for storage or just use the store bought ones?  Does it bother anyone else that all spice jars are not made the same?  Maybe someday I will upgrade my spice jars and get a little unity going on!

Oh, I may not make it back for tomorrow’s Family Friday but stay tuned for some big events happening here next week.  Tuesday I will be hosting my first giveaway and I will be revealing some exciting news!  Next Thursday kicks off the first of the Thankful Thursdays link-up parties here next month.  Join me as we prepare for Thanksgiving reflecting on what we are thankful for.

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