Thankful Thursdays: Thanks and Link-up

Today wraps up my final post in the Thankful Thursdays series.  It has been so much fun reading all your posts, getting to meet new people, and spending time reflecting what we are thankful for.  And boy do we have a lot to be thankful for!

I couldn’t let this series past without thank you, my readers.  You guys are what makes blogging so rewarding!  Sometimes I am amazed that so many of you keep coming back to hear what I have to say… most of the time about nothing.  Seriously… it blows my mind sometimes.  I love getting to know you through your comments and by reading some of your own blogs.  It would be awesome if we could all meet in person someday but until then we have Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (Krystle_ColorTransformedFamily) to help this world feel just a little bit smaller.  I know some of you out there are my silent readers (no comments)… that’s ok.  Just knowing you are there gives me motivation to keep typing.  I have to say that it truly makes my day when I run into someone and they mention Color Transformed Family and tell me how much they love reading my posts and I never even knew they read it. #TrueRewards

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It helps knowing y’all are out there because otherwise I would just be writing to chirping crickets and I”m not so sure they would be interest in what color my bedroom is, how Noah’s party turned out, or how God is transforming our lives.

So thanks for giving me the stamina to come back every week with my attempts to keep you in the know of all that goes on under this little roof.

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4 thoughts on “Thankful Thursdays: Thanks and Link-up

  1. ValenzMom

    You know, Krystle, we’re thankful for you, too. Without you, I wouldn’t know there was the sweetest little GIRL named Noah in this world :). Without you, I wouldn’t know how to make life-sized paper palm trees in my very own home (don’t think for one minute that isn’t a useful skill!). Without you, I wouldn’t be taking the time to think about Thankful Thursdays – and it’s not stopping with November either. It’s you, the Krystle through which I have seen world anew (just like the glass for which you are named). I’ve been a Christian for nearly my entire life, but we all need refreshing and that’s exactly what you’ve done for me. Thank you.

    1. Krystle Post author

      I think this is by far the sweetest comment I have received to date. Thank you so much! I am so glad you enjoy reading the blog.


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