Sneak, Peek, or Look Away?

Ok, who else is completely surprised that Christmas is only a week away?  I know its not just me  So if you have any last minute shopping, crafting, or baking to do now is the time to get on it!


I need to get on all three of the above.  There are just a few more people on our list that we need to buy gifts for… thankfully the end is in sight.  Some family members will be receiving hand made gifts… crochet gifts and I need to  finish those up.   Don’t worry men in the family (not sure if any of them read the blog), I promise not to crochet your gift.  The past few years I have made peppermint bark for some of my extended family.  This year I plan on baking them something yummy but would like to try something different.  Don’t worry Aunt Beverly… there will be chocolate involved!

And finally, once it’s all said I done I will actually ned to wrap all these gifts that I have bought.  Hopefully, I will get it done in enough time to enjoy them under the tree for a day or two before everything gets torn into.  Speaking of gifts… do you ever try and sneak a peek at yours?  Do you snoop around the house looking for your gifts?  Or do you enjoy the surprise of unwrapping your gifts?

ML never has to worry about me.  I love to be surprised and hate knowing even a hint of my gift.  For example, I just ordered a gift off of Amazon and while I was checking out I noticed he ordered a gift to Noah and me through my account.  I immediately looked awake from the picture and had to fight to keep my eyes from reading the product listing.  Now, I am trying to get the glimpse of the image out of my mind because I want to be completely surprised when I unwrap it on Christmas.

What would you have done if you knew you could get a sneak peek at a gift you were getting for Christmas?  Would you have clicked on the image and read all about including the user reviews?  Or are  you like me and would have immediately deleted it?  I can’t wait to hear your responses!

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2 thoughts on “Sneak, Peek, or Look Away?

  1. ValenzMom

    Something similar HAS happened to me before, but it was when I was checking the bank account online and I saw that hubby had been to a particular store and how much he had spent. I am like you in that I like to be surprised with my gift(s), so that year I was a bit irritated over (1) knowing where the gift had come from beforehand and (2) how much it had cost! (I’m a miser when it comes to things for me – not for other folks) I have a sister, however, who can’t stand seeing any wrapped gifts under the Christmas tree. She has to pick up every single one, check the tag, shake the box and try to guess what’s inside – she still does it to this day and we are all in our 50s! When my kids were growing up, they used to say if Aunt Rita does it, why can’t we do that, too? Some people never grow up! 🙂

    1. Krystle Post author

      That’s funny. Some people just can’t handle a little suspense. I’m such a terrible actor that I would do a horrible job of faking my surprise while unwrapping the gift.


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