Family Friday: Homestudy… Check

I have been wearing this bracelet since May.

adoptionIt is a reminder of our child.. our child we are in the process of adopting.  Today I wear and rejoice in the fact that we are one step closer to bringing our child.

We FINALLY finished the homestudy for our adoption!

Clocking in at a little over nine months, we took a little bit longer than the average 3-4 months most people complete it in.  We weren’t really in any hurry because the older Noah gets the better since we are trying to keep the birth order.  Plus, we also had a minor set back when we found out we wouldn’t be adopting from Colombia.  Which is where I last left you.

So last time I shared, I gave you the news that we were no longer pursuing Colombia as the country for us to adopt from.  At the time we didn’t yet know which country God would have us adopt from.

Well, now I am happy to say we are pursuing adoption from Peru!

What lead us to Peru?  Several things.  First, we definitely have a heart for Latin America and feel that is where God wants us to adopt from.  Second, it was the only other country that we met all the requirements (age, length of marriage) for that our agency, Lifeline Children’s Services, works with. Third, in country stay is estimated at twenty-eight days!  Which we are ecstatic about… especially ML.

Even though we are finishing up the homestudy part of our adoption process we still have a long way to go.  Time wise the earliest we could match and head to Peru to bring our child back is still ten months away but realistically it will probably be longer than that.  I’ll be back after Christmas to explain the whole process in further detail and let you know what our next step is.

In the meantime, I’m just rejoicing in the fact that this part is over with!

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