French Doors in the Kitchen

Today, we bring you another update of what we like to call “Operation Sunshine”  or better know as our kitchen renovation.  To kick off this “on the edge of your seat” post I couldn’t resist showing you this picture of Noah.


This girl loves to lend Mommy a helping hand in the kitchen.  I use that phrase generously though because climbing into the dishwasher and attempting to grab all the knives blade side up really isn’t “helping Mommy”.  But it sure is cute!

Note: No small hands were injured in taking the picture above.

Now onto the kitchen renovation!  This white refrigerator came with the house and we really haven’t had any complaints with it.  It keeps the food cold.  What more can we ask for?

kitchen - white refridgerator

But since this kitchen renovation is all about helping our house to sell quicker someday we wanted to bring the refrigerator up to par with the rest of the appliances.  So that meant replacing it.

We looked and looked for the right refrigerator for us.  And by we I really mean ML because I just don’t have the patience to compare a million different refrigerators and then decide which one works best for us.

His task turned out really simple though because we were working with a thirty three inch existing opening.  An opening that is more than thirty years old… meaning people ate less back then and therefore needed smaller refrigerators.

I put in my request for french style doors and with our opening of thirty three inches it wasn’t hard to figure out which refrigerator was the one for us… the Samsung French Door Refrigerator from Lowe’s.


Thankfully, I married an extreme bargain hunter who never takes full price for an answer.  We were able to get the Samsung french door refrigerator listed above with the MSRP price of $1499.99 for $814.


Samsung French Door Refrigerator MSRP – $1499.99

Lowe’s matched the Best Buy Sale Price – $999.99

With the Lowe’s price match you get another 10% off plus tax – $953.99

Cost of hose for water hook up $10 – $963.99

$963.99 – $150 (money from the sell of our old refrigerator) = $813.99

Now that’s what I call a deal!  Thank you, Michael Luke!

The next step was emptying our current refrigerator in preparation for our new one.


I managed to do this not once but twice.  Why?  Well you see the first time the delivery guys came they brought the wrong size refrigerator.  It seems that when our refrigerator made it to Birmingham it was badly damaged so Lowe’s just thought they would give us a free upgrade to the next size up refrigerator.  Well, that would have been great except we only have a thirty three inch wide opening.  Remember?


They finally got it right though and we made room for our new Samsung refrigerator.  I also found out what color our grout should be…. not grey.  That’s why this interior designer recommends that light color grout should never be selected for the floor.  Never.


Here’s another random little fact about our kitchen.  Up until about a year ago I had no idea that there was a light switch on this wall. Thirty years ago refrigerators didn’t stick out as far as they do these days.


Finally, we have our new Samsung refrigerator installed and running!


And see how nice the black appliances will look once the new counters

New counters… that’s another story blog post.  Let’s just say they are still a work in progress.

For fun I  thought I would do things MTV Cribs style.  So here is what we keep inside our refrigerator.


Some leftovers, clementines (a staple), coffee, and ingredients for smoothies.

We mostly keep frozen veggies and elk meat (thanks Dad) in the freezer.


Another plus about our new refrigerator is the doors.  Our previous refrigerator only had one door and when it was open completely blocked the opening into the dining room.  With the new french doors there is room for the door to be open and for someone to pass through.  It definitely helps the space to feel larger.


So heres a look at pre- renovation…

and now.


I’m so excited to see this whole project moving forward.  I’ll be back soon to bring you up to date on our counter situation and hopefully some reveal pictures by the end of the month.

Until then, here is where we currently stand with our budget.  It’s looking good y’all!

Operation Bring Sunshine to the Kitchen

(Estimated Pricing) Actual Amount Spent

  • new countertops– ($600 counters, $427 labor installation)
  • paint upper and lower cabinets – ($30)
  • under cabinet lighting– ($70)
  • new refrigerator– ($1,100) $813
  • new above range microwave oven-($150) $50 (actual cost will be lower once we sell the existing microwave currently on Craigslist.
  • paint walls– ($30)
  • tile backsplash– ($30 tile, $30 supplies)
  • add cut out to pantry door– ($20)
  • clean grout in tile floor– (10)
  • new hardware for cabinet doors and drawers– ($100)
  • replace ceiling fan and light– ($160)
Total Savings to Date: $387
Estimated Budget: $2,757
We Can Beat That Price: ???

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8 thoughts on “French Doors in the Kitchen

  1. Trista

    So glad you got your new fridge! It really makes the kitchen look more expensive and I can’t wait to see the counters! PS: MTV Cribs style…love it!

    1. Krystle Post author

      Thanks! I’m looking forward to finally seeing the counters installed too. HOpefully, they will come in (for the second time) either this week or next.

    1. Krystle Post author

      We are planning on using a simple 3 x 6 subway tile from Lowe’s. It’s available for .22 a tile and since our kitchen is pretty small it keeps the price pretty low.
      The white subway tile is classic and simple it should be great for resale.

    1. Krystle Post author

      Thanks, Kelly. I have to give all the credit to ML on that. He’s my little bargain hunter.. I’m just the interior designer. 🙂
      By the way, I know you said you don’t have to read anymore but I just finished my copy of Love’s Memory. It was amazing and a fairly quick read. I would love to let you borrow it if you want to read it. If so just e-mail me and I’ll mail it to you.

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