The “Sweet” Reveal

I once had a teacher that said, ” Excuses are for losers”.  And while it has some truth to it I can’t help but share my excuse for taking so long to get this post up.  Life.  Yeah, it just happens like that.  Things get super busy and end up going not as you originally planned and some things just have to take a back seat.  Things like… editing the pictures for this post and then actually writing the post.

One of the things that has been keeping us super busy is our adoption process.  I don’t want to go into detail yet since that would be a totally different tangent than how the post originally started out and I would probably yet again let another day pass without sharing our kitchen counter reveal.  So here it is… with as few words as possible because let’s face it we all would much rather see the pictures than here me ramble. 🙂overall
formica dolce vitaformica dolce vitaformica dolce vitaOk, let’s pause for just a second.  In case you are new to the blog or might have forgotten the counters are actually laminate. Gasp!  That’s right laminate.  We chose Formica 180fx in pattern Dolce Vita for kitchen renovation.

We love it!  One of the reasons we chose this pattern was because of all the striations in it.  It really helps to lengthen and elongate our somewhat small kitchen.  Another reason we chose Formica 180fx is because of it’s price point. It comes in under both granite and solid surface counters but still has that high end look.  Which is what we were after… with out the big price tag.  Because sometimes spending the big buck just doesn’t make sense cents.
formica dolce vitaWe chose to extend our new counters all the way to the wall versus having a back splash like our previous counters.  It gives me a little extra counter space but most importantly will look sharp with a white subway tile backsplash extending all the way down to the counters.
side-view1Noah in kitchen2

Noah photo bomb.  She was practically in the kitchen the whole time I was shooting.  I just tried to work around her for the most part.  noah in kitchenformica dolce vita

Our white sink really pops against the darker counters.  Which totally build my excitement for the addition of the white back splash!formica dolce vitaThe Dolce Vita laminate has an etchings finish to it.  Which gives it more of realistic stone feel but doesn’t have a bad hand to it.

Now for a look back at where we started and what we have left in the project we call Operation Bring Sunshine to the Kitchen.

KitchenIn Progress:


What’s Left to Do:

Operation Bring Sunshine to the Kitchen

  • new countertops
  • paint upper and lower cabinets
  • under cabinet lighting
  • new refrigerator
  • new above range microwave oven
  • paint walls
  • tile backsplash
  • add cut out to pantry door
  • clean grout in tile floor
  • new hardware for cabinet doors and drawers
  • replace ceiling fan and light

What do you think of the Formica 180fx?  Can you see considering this as one of your options for new counters?  To be honest if I spent the big bucks I would splurge on a solid surface counter instead of granite.  My heart swoons for Corian’s Witch Hazel.  Let’s just say there is a hospital out there covered in it right now because I love it so much!FIIrk-FFDJlXkSYyv8uwqDaIovkMaaHIHfOYBFkzpUA

Are you a dark or light counter person?  If you could splurge or already have which would you prefer… solid surface or granite?  Do you know that some solid surface actually prices out higher than granite?

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8 thoughts on “The “Sweet” Reveal

  1. Trista

    Ooooh this really makes me want to get started on our kitchen remodel! But first…..stairs, nursery, cleaning up our yard, quarter round, light fixtures….. yikers!

  2. Granny

    I’m using the same laminate . I am going to use high gloss black subway tiles for my backsplash . Cupboards are off white. It looks so much nicer in real life.

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  5. Angie Hall

    I work in Marketing at Formica Corporation. Thank you for utilizing our product in your renovation-the counters look great! We’re currently running “Makeover May” on Facebook and would like to feature a “before” and “after” of your counters. Would you mind if we utilized some of the photography shown in this post on our Facebook wall? We will of course provide link credit. Please email me with approval, questions, or concerns. Thanks very much!

    1. Krystle Post author

      Angie, I would be honored to have Formica share photos of my counter on their Facebook. If you don’t mind I would love to get you some updates pictures of the kitchen because it had undergone almost a complete makeover since the counters were installed. Please, e-mail me at


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