Happy Valentine’s Day from Ten Little Fingers

Valentine’s Day!

DIY Valentine Card for Toddlers

Warning!  If you are Noah’s grandparents please stop reading unless you have checked your mail today.  Reading this will spoil your Valentine surprise.

Even though Noah is still too young to write her own personal Valentine’s Day cards and just shy of being old enough to really get hands on to decorate them that didn’t stop us this year from sending personalized cards to family.

This is idea is definitely not my own.  I got the idea from a few websites I found but I thought it was too cute not to share with you.  First, I bought a pack of Valentine’s cards (they’re Hallmark) with a sweet little message.


DIY Toddler Valentine's Day CardNext, with the help of Michael Luke we painted Noah’s hands in washable finger paint and made upside down hand prints on the inside left of the card.

DIY toddler valentine's card

Keeping with the color scheme on the front of the card we used red and purple paint.  Plus, this helped the two hand prints stand out.   I have to add though that Noah wasn’t too crazy about getting her hands covered in wet paint.  In fact there might have been a little bit of crying going on.  So for anyone who gets one, just know that tears went into making this card for you.

DIY Toddler Valentine's Card

If this was done with an older child the hand prints themselves would look like a heart but because Noah really had no clue what we were doing hers needed a little help.  I used a Sharpie fine point pen to draw an outline of a heart. Next I wrote, “Even ten little fingers can’t count the ways I love you with all my heart.”

DIY toddler Valentine's Card

The next part was Noah’s favorite!  I gave her a pen and let her scribble on the right hand side of the card… as if she was signing her name.  She loved this.  Coloring scribbling is her favorite.  She got down flat on the floor and lay her face down on the card and got to work.  For clarity sake I wrote in parenthesis “Love, Noah”.  It really turned out to be a cute card and I hope her grandparents and other family members enjoy it!

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Did you help your little one with any cute cards?  Or maybe you and your husband create your own personalized cards to give to each other?

P.S. Check out what we did for Valentine’s Day Fun last year!  My how time flies.

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9 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day from Ten Little Fingers

    1. Krystle Post author

      Thank you! I am happy to report that all the recipients loved theirs and that Noah was involved in the making of the card. Thanks for stopping by.

    1. Krystle Post author

      Thanks, Amy! It was fun getting to make a special gift for our family. Maybe next time Noah will enjoy it a little more.

  1. ValenzMom aka Helen

    The next time you want to fingerpaint with Noah, use instant chocolate pudding. When I started teaching 3-5 year old children in Vacation Bible School yrs ago, I found this in an old teaching guide. We made the pudding in the classroom, covered the kids in old shirts they brought from home, laid out some craft paper, then let them have at it. When they were done, we hung their pictures to dry overnight – and they licked their fingers clean! The children loved it so much that they never forgot it and the next summer they all wanted to know it we were going to “pudding paint” again! I guarantee Noah won’t cry with THAT kind of paint!


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