Captivated by Downton

After reading about it so much on the blogosphere and seeing comment after comment about it on Facebook I finally decided to jump on the bandwagon and dive into the world of Downton Abbey this season.


Maybe you have heard of it but have been skeptical… maybe this is the first time… or maybe like me you watched it once a few seasons ago but didn’t get all the hype.  Whatever the case this is a series worth giving a chance!  The show follows the aristocrat Crawley family and their servants at Downton Abbey.

(Season three episodes are available online at PBS).

Season three has captivated me.  There were so many surprises and I promise not to spoil a one of them for you.  I watched the season finale yesterday and can’t believe we have to wait all the way ’til next January to find out what happens next!  Ten and half months is a long time.  No telling what will go on in the Crawley house before then.  What are we to do?

In the meantime, how about taking this quiz to see which Downton Abbey couple you and your special someone are most like?

Source: via Hanna on Pinterest


Michael Luke and I apparently are most like Anna and Mr. Bates.

You may not call your man “Mr.” but your relationship is most like Anna and Bates’! You have stood by your man with unswerving devotion and been a true partner, helping him through his hardships. Both of you want the best for each other and are willing to sacrifice your own happiness for the other. But if you’re blessed with, finally, a bit of good fortune, neither of you should have to sacrifice happiness. May you continue to find it in each other!

I think it’s funny that I actually do call him “Mr.”  Maybe we are like them!

For more fun and because the quiz doesn’t take ten and a half months to complete check out this quiz to see which Downton Abbey job is most suited for you.   Plus, explore the actual castle Downton Abbey is filmed at as well as other locations in this virtual tour.

Has Downton Abbey captivate you yet?  If so were you as shocked by the season finale as I was? I am so impressed by this PBS series that I am wondering if they have any other shows that I am missing out on.  Anything else you recommend on PBS besides Sesame Street?  Not that I actually have the time to watch them.

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2 thoughts on “Captivated by Downton

  1. Kelly @ Corner of Main

    I’m kind of type A, so I had to start at the beginning! I started watching season one last week. So, by the time I finish season 3 hopefully it will be close to season 4 😉 So far it’s great!

  2. Krystle Post author

    I’ve thought about checking out the previous seasons from the library just so I can get the full background on the characters. At least you have several months to get all the seasons in. Enjoy! Maybe I can get the cliff note version from you.


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