Staying Alive

Tomorrow I am taking a CPR class at the hospital. I
must say I am little bit nervous since there is a test involved.

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Not having to take tests is one of the perks of being an adult, right? So when one comes up it can’t help but bring back feelings of school and finals all over again. Thankfully there is a study guide available and Michael Luke brought it home for me to study. So tonight like a good little girl I will be reading the study guide. I joked with him the other night wondering how long could it possibly take me to learn the beat to Staying Alive (supposedly that’s the beat to remember when performing CPR on someone). In all seriousness though I am glad I am taking the class. I haven’t had a CPR class since high school and have forgotten a lot of stuff since then. And as a mom it’s definitely one of those things to know just in case my “Super Mommy” duties ever need to kick in! The class is offered at one of our local hospitals and is intended to give the employees an opportunity to keep their certification up.

Which means I will be taking the course with a bunch of
professionals whose daily attire is a little bit more sophisticated
than mine… jeans and a comfy top. I told ML that I was
going to have dress like an adult tomorrow. He offered to let
me wear his scrubs if I want… I think I’ll pass and come up with
something on my own. Do you have to regularly take a CPR class?
Do adult tests freak you out like they do for me? Or
are you one of those that enjoys the challenge? What’s your
go to professional look? Mine is some comfortable dress
pants, and a cute top accessorized with jewelry.

Update: Noah woke up with a cough and sore throat so it looks like I will taking the class another day. Thankfully I read a good part of the study guide so I feel a little more prepared in case there is an emergency.

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2 thoughts on “Staying Alive

  1. ValenzMom a/k/a Helen

    I’m a legal secretary, so I have to dress “professionally” every day. We are one of few companies that still have a dress code. Even though we’re an international law firm, several of our offices are in TX so here they change the dress code for summer (thankfully!) because it gets so hot. Normally we have to wear suit jackets, but they allow us to drop that part in in the summer months. But still no jeans, khakis, crop pants, tank tops or sandals. We do occassionally have jeans day on a Friday for something special, but even then they have to be nice jeans.
    I did take a CPR class they offered here at work last year and became certified as a First Responder. Afterwards I was worried that some co-worker would have a heart attack and I wouldn’t remember what to do. We do have a defibrillator and we learned how to use that, too. But I think it’s a great skill to have, especially with little ones at home – I know you’ll do great.


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