How We Met… the Daybed

Last week I mentioned that we had purchased Noah’s “big girl” bed.  This past weekend we took advantage of my parent’s (or as they like to be referred to as H & P Movers) being in town and used their truck to pick up the bed.  Before I knew it we had this beautiful daybed sitting in Noah’s room!


I’ll be back in another post to share the new room layout later but first I wanted to introduce you to her new bed and share all the details with you.  You know like… how we met and where she’s from. Is it ok that I just referred to the bed as a she?  I think so since she’s all pretty, white, and feminine looking with that bead board.

This is the point where I realized I should have taken some close-ups of the bed… I owe you.

Anyway, back to how we met.  It really is nothing short of God bringing us together.  You see originally (all the way back in December) ML and I had envisioned this bed from IKEA going in Noah’s room.

hemnes-daybed-frame__0164089_PE319192_S4 hemnes-daybed-frame__0159184_PE315622_S4

But then we took a little road trip to Atlanta before Christmas to meet this $300 Hemnes bed in person where we discovered upon closer inspection that it was not made of solid wood.  Solid wood was one of our non-negotiables for the bed.  Our thinking is that we would rather pay for a high quality bed that may cost a little more up front than settle for something of lesser quality that will need to be replaced after one move and a little play.

Next, we moved onto this guy.

hemnes-daybed-frame__0159182_PE315620_S4 hemnes-daybed-frame__0164088_PE319184_S4

Another Hemnes style, he was for sale at Ikea for $400 but unlike the other bed he was made of solid pine.  We really thought this was the one.  He doubled as a day bed or full size bed with the trundle pulled out.  A trundle bed was another one our non-negotiables.  Our thinking is that with a trundle bed we will essentially be able to have a guest room again.  Noah can sleep in the pack in play in our room and if our guests have a child their’s can crash in the crib.  Perfect!  But alas it was not meant to be.

Why?  Because IKEA wanted to charge $300 to ship a $400 bed!  Seriously?  We could have picked it up cheaper than that. We could have… it would have been in stock or if IKEA had any clue when it might be in stock again since it was currently “out of stock” in Atlanta.  But you know God, that was just his way of letting us know the $400 Hemnes was not for us.

Next, I started checking other stores online.  Local stores. Big box stores.  Nothing seemed to have anything that fit our preferences and  price range (preferably $500 or below).  Then it hit me!  Check Craigslist.

And what do you know?  They had several daybeds listed.  The one that caught my eye was this one though for $500 with both mattresses!

stanley furniture daybed

As soon as I saw the ad I called MIchael Luke into the living room (he was busy wrapping up the tile back splash… pictures are coming soon) to check the ad out.  He agreed with me that the bed looked good.  Up until this point I had been thinking of a black daybed because it would match the crib and bookcases.  But when I saw this bed I really liked the idea of a white day bed… besides the chifarobe in Noah’s room is white too.

So, I quickly e-mailed the seller to ask if the bed was still available.  Within minutes she e-mailed back to let me know if it was and extended an invitation to us to come look at the bed… that afternoon!  The funny part was that I noticed from her signature that she was a Physical Therapist like Michael Luke!  In a weird sort of way this is how I knew the bed was for us.  We exchanged a few more e-mails before heading over to meet our future day bed in person.

stanley furniture daybed

For Noah it was love at first sight.

We felt pretty much the same way.  The bed is solid wood, came with both mattresses, has a trundle bed, originally sold for over $1,000, and costs less than if we had driven to Atlanta to pick up the $400 bed not including mattresses.  The driving distance to pick up this bed was less than two miles from our house!  Crazy, right?

God works in mysterious ways!  Even when helping you find a daybed for your little girl.

stanley furniture daybed

All this brings us full circle back to Friday night when Michael Luke and my dad installed the bed in Noah’s room.  While installing the bed we discovered the furniture company’s name is Stanley Furniture located in Stanleytown, VA!  How cool is that?  So far Noah has only used the bed as a trampoline but some day soon she will be making the big move over to her new bed!

What cool things have you found on Craigslist?  Have you scored any great deals on furniture like we did?  Or have you ever run into any restocking or delivery issues with IKEA?

P.S Turns out the lady’s husband is also a Physical Therapist… small world.

P.P.S We ran into them Saturday night at one of our local neighborhood restaurants.  We got to tell them again how much we love the bed and promised to text them pictures of her room once it all set up. They offered their daughter for baby sitting services.  We may have made some new friends.

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15 thoughts on “How We Met… the Daybed

  1. ValenzMom a/k/a Helen

    You’re right, Krystle, that bed is definately a “she”! It’s so pretty! You all were absolutely led to find that bed and it’s original owners. The Lord really does work in mysterious ways. He not only led you to a new big girl bed for Noah, but to new friends and a new babysitter as well – AND they live close by, too!
    Personally, I don’t care for IKEA furniture. Hubby and I have a side “job” picking up furniture that folks don’t want anymore. We refurbish it, fix it (or whatever it needs) then we either re-sell it or give it away to charity. Every time we are contacted to pick up IKEA furniture that people want to get rid of, it is in very bad shape and the people haven’t had it that long. Most times we can’t take the piece because it isn’t even real wood and it’s in such bad shape that we won’t even be able to fix it. The places we sell to only want real wood furniture because none of their customers want to buy particle board furniture either. It’s always best to pay a little more for real wood in the beginning because it will last a lifetime.

    1. Krystle Post author

      I’m always a little iffy about IKEA furniture too. I don’t mind their accessories and such but like you I love a good piece of wood furniture. Nowadays it seems that solid wood furniture is getting harder and harder to come by… except for at second hand stores. That is so cool that you and your husband restore pieces as a side job. If we had the extra time I wouldn’t mind doing that myself.

  2. Trista

    I love it! So glad and amazed at how wonderful everything worked out for you guys! I’m inspired to keep looking for our perfect crib on Craigslist. I thought I had found “the one” a couple times just to find out it was already sold.

    We did recently find a backpack carrier on Craigslist that we absolutely love. Ruby loves riding in at Moss Rock!

    1. Krystle Post author

      Keep looking! I know you will find the right crib soon. Honestly, I didn’t expect to find Noah’s bed so soon. From my past experience early Saturday morning is the best time to check for new listings. At least that’s what we have found in the past.

  3. Mary Beth

    What a score!! That bed is beautiful!!! We did a lot on Craig’s list in TX. Not so much here…small town. 🙂 can’t wait to see y’all later this month!

    1. Krystle Post author

      I’m looking forward to it Mary Beth! It’s been too long. It’s so funny to think of Starkville as a small town because when I moved there I thought it was huge compared to where I grew up.. with only three traffic lights!

    1. Krystle Post author

      Thanks, Kelly. I was thinking the same thing about Noah. We have a picture of her in her crib when we first brought her home from the hospital. She looked so tiny then too. I need to frame the pictures side by side.

    1. Krystle Post author

      Thanks, Ashley. The cutest part is Noah sitting up on it. Just this morning she discovered how to climb up on it herself. We are in trouble now!

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  7. Laura Wright

    Hi, I was wondering if you know where the daybed you bought off Craigslist was originally purchased by the previous owners? I love it. Thanks.

    1. Krystle Post author

      I used to know but can’t remember anymore. I do remember looking it up online and finding that it had been discontinued.


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