What We Scored at the Yard Sale

Last weekend Michael Luke, Noah, and I decided to hit up a few yard sales for fun.  We hadn’t been in a while and it’s always interesting to see what things you can come across.

The first house was a “miss” for us.  They didn’t really have a lot to choose from and what they did was overpriced.  Selling your items at a yard sale is not the place to try and get face value for your items people!  We come to yard sales to score a deal.

Scoring a deal is what we did at the next house though.  I’m ashamed to say that we ended up spending over an hour at this estate/yard sale.  It wasn’t because of me either.  I could have been and out of there in under five tops. ML on the other hand got a little distracted by all the tools for sale in the garage and Noah found something that we just couldn’t come home without.


We scored this table for $15.  Which is five bucks less than their original asking price.  Secretly, I had been hoping to come across a little table and chairs for Noah.  She needs a space to call her own and an area that we can designate for “school purposes”.  You know… like coloring the alphabet, working puzzles, and playing with her little pigs in their dollhouse.  Don’t get too used to the way it looks though because I already have plans to paint it and customize for Noah and her future sister.

In defense of all ML’s finds he ended up finding items that we already planned on purchasing and at a way better price than you would find in a store.  Like an edger for the yard that is excellent condition with the receipt still attached to the box and clamps for holding items together while the adhesive dries.  It took him less than twenty-four hours before he used the clamps.

His best find though was a nail gun with an air compressor for $120!  The nail gun alone sells for over $140.  It was a deal we just couldn’t pass up.  Especially since we still have plans to add crown molding throughout the house!

So while we spent a little more than we originally planned to last Saturday morning, we saved us some major money in the future.  I can’t complain about that.  What awesome deals have you come across at yard sales?

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8 thoughts on “What We Scored at the Yard Sale

  1. ValenzMom a/k/a Helen

    You all really did score big this past weekend! I think our best deal at a yard sale came earlier this year when we hadn’t planned on going to any yard sales, but I spotted a couple of lamps and made hubby turn onto a side street and stop. They were the most beautiful lamps I’d ever seen. The lady let me have them for only $10 each! They are vintage Chinese-style urns with a crackle finish in a medium green jade color with carved wooden bases. The only thing missing was the shades. Who cares about that?! I have just been using lamp shades I already had, but I’m on the hunt for some pagoda-style lamp shades (of course, those will probably end up costing me more than the lamps did, but they’re worth it).

  2. Erin @ His & Hers

    Cute table and chairs! I went yard-saleing last weekend for baby clothes and while I eventually found a bunch of really great deals (brand new outfits for $1 and under!!) the first sale I stopped at had all baby clothes marked $8. Yes, $8. For used clothing that babies outgrow in, like, minutes. Say what?! I don’t care that it was all Carter’s. Craziness.

    1. Krystle Post author

      Wow, eight dollars is a lot. You can definitely rack up if you find a good sale though. My favorite thing to do is go to the consignment sales in the Spring and Fall here in town. I try not to spend more than six dollars on an outfit and end up walking away with some of the cutest clothes that would have cost loads more brand new.

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