Family Friday: The Big One Eight

Eighteen months is a somewhat major milestone in a child’s life. If anything it means they get a new wardrobe! If only we could get a new wardrobe every six months to a year as adults. Anyway, in honor of Noah hitting the big one eight I thought it would be fun to share what this little girl has been to much like I did last year when she was six months old.

For starters she is growing up way too fast and no longer has that baby look about her. What she does have though is an amazingly spunky personality. She is Miss Independent! She likes to feed herself, select and put her own shoes on, and try to do pretty much. anything on her own.

The name Noah for a girl means “movement” and she has lived up to. This girl likes to move, squirm, and dance and never stops. Unfortunately, it looks like she might have inherited her parents less than stellar dance moves. Sorry, Noah. I like to think that her dancing is her own little way of praising God. I’m sure he enjoys it.


In the past month or so we have really seen her vocabulary flourish to over forty words. I’m not sure if that is normal or not but it’s so much fun hearing her talk. I never thought bay bee (baby) could be so cute or bell-but (belly button) but my heart just melts every time I hear it.

On top of her vocal vocabulary she also has several signs that she uses to communicate with us. Such as: please, thank you, and milk. To any parent that may be wondering if teaching your little one sign language is worth it. It is. It’s so nice that she can sign “more” if she’s not through eating or “potty” if she has a dirty diaper.

Speaking of “potty”, today we are on day five of a three day potty training boot camp. We didn’t quite get trained in three days but day four was awesome with only one accident. Way to go Noah!

I’m not gonna say it’s been easy but yesterday was so worth all the accidents I cleaned up earlier in the week. Here’s hoping to another good day.

One of the biggest milestones is that
two weeks ago Noah officially quit nursing. A few years ago if you would have asked me about breast feeding I probably wouldn’t even have considered it an option. Now I can’t imagine not. It was such a wonderful bonding time with Noah, a money saver, and an excellent health benefit for Noah and me.

Eighteen months ago when we first started out I could barely
imagine making it six months. Six months came and then I decided to try for a year. After year, it was such a natural part of our time together I decided to just let her decide when to
quit. Which happened to be two weeks ago. I was a sad to see our special time end together and will always treasure those moments we had together. I doubt my mom is reading this post any
longer after reading this paragraph. She’s probably already trying to plan when Noah can come for a visit.

The sweetest thing about Noah being eighteen months is when she prays. Ok. She doesn’t really say her prayers or truly understand what prayers are but we tell her we are going to talk to God she clasp her hands together and bows her head… sometimes. It’s so sweet and almost makes tears come to my eyes. I can jus imagine God smiling down at her as she learns to have a
relationship with Him. The best part though is when we say, “Amen”. She claps her hands as says, “Yay!” There really is nothing sweeter than a childlike faith. So that in a nutshell is our little girl, Noah. One of the biggest blessings in our lives and a truly wonderful gift from God who loves to reveal His glory to me through her.

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2 thoughts on “Family Friday: The Big One Eight

  1. Kelly @ Corner of Main

    Awww. What a sweet post. She is adorable! And Way to go Noah is right! Potty training at 18 months is awesome!! I had heard cloth diapered babies train earlier…not sure if that’s just awesome parenting or the diapers themselves 😉

    1. Krystle Post author

      Thanks, Kelly. I never thought she would train this early but after we bought her a potty a few months ago it was as if she knew what to do with it. That makes me one thankful Momma!


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