Forming our Stone Flower Bed

Michael Luke and I (really just him) have been slowly working on updating our front yard this Summer.  It’s a work in progress but is slowly getting there one weekend project at a time.  When I last updated you our front yard had gone from this…

Exterior of House

to this.
exterior of houseIn short, ML dug up the four shrubs and had started carving out the shape of our new flower bed.  Leaving room behind to lay a stone patio where we hope place two adirondack chairs and the two pink chairs.  Giving us an area to sit and enjoy the front yard as well as interact with our neighbors.

Our next step was to buy rock to line the border of the flower bed with and to lay the patio with.  We checked out a local hardware store in our neighborhood first.  They had great prices and delivered but had a limited selection of stones to choose from.  So, we traveled down the road a little bit until we found a huge stone supplier.  Noah was enthralled with all the big trucks, bulldozers, and diggers.  We couldn’t have made her happier by taking her to zoo!

It didn’t take us long until we found the stone we were looking for… a stone that would compliment the exterior color of our house.
Noah.jpgWe ended up buying a ton of rocks  and having them delivered to the house.  And by a ton I don’t mean an exaggeration, I mean an actual ton of rocks!
front yardThankfully they delivered too for a small fee and the guys were nice enough to unload it piece by piece onto our driveway.  Noah may have skipped lunch just so she could watch them.

Noah.jpgNext, we used the water hose to outline the shape of the flower bed. It was easy to move around and gave us a pretty good idea of the shape we were hoping to achieve.  #PhotoBomberEmma

front yard
Next, Michael Luke started laying the stones.
front yard
My main role in all of this has been to keep Noah entertained and out of the way.  However, I did get to help a little in forming the shape of the flower bed with the stone.  We kept her occupied with some buckets and small stones.  She had lots of fun emptying each bucket and then filling the next one up.

So while she did that we were able to get this done.

front yardAhh! It was so rewarding and definitely a step in the right direction for our little front yard.  See how well the stones match the exterior of the house?  It was definitely the color and size stone we were looking for.  Next, ML relocated all our flowers to their new little home!

front yardDisclaimer:  We did not intend for the shape of the flower bed to end up looking like a fish.  Nor did we intend for the flowers to aid in this design by giving the fish fins and a tail.  In the end however that is what it looks like from this view.  Thankfully from the street it doesn’t resemble a fish at all and we really believe it will lose its overall fish shape once we get the patio laid and carve out a few more flower niches.  It is funny in the meantime though.

So what’s left?

  • laying the stones to make a patio
  • filling in the crevices between stones
  • adding adirondack chairs
  • making some ice cream to enjoy while sitting on our new patio. Have you ever had a surprise ending to one of your projects? A funny outcome? Or maybe it was just plain embarrassing? I want to hear.

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7 thoughts on “Forming our Stone Flower Bed

    1. Krystle Post author

      It’s fixed now. Thanks for letting me know. I’m not sure what happened but hopefully it won’t mess up again.

    1. Krystle Post author

      Thanks! The funny part is that I never thought we would need that many. But it’s definitely going to take the entire ton of rocks to complete the project.

    1. Krystle Post author

      Thank you! He really has been working hard. It’s difficult for me to get that motivated when it’s so hot outside.


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