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The results are in!  Thanks so much for participating in our two year blogiversary survey.  It really is fun getting to know more about each of you and getting your feedback.  What’s the point of writing if I’m not writing what you guys want to hear more of.

favorite subject I write aboutAnd from the looks of it you guys like both the design and the family side of the blog but just want more of it.  With a heart and passion for design I love sharing our DIY projects around the house, sometimes I forget though that y’all want to get to know me and my family as well as our home.  You requested it to hear more about Noah and Esther.  Esther information for the most part will be fairly limited until the adoption is final but I would love to share more adventures and experiences with Noah and more of our adoption journey.   So we will keep those posts coming and hopefully with a little more frequency.

Where on Earth are you?

Ok, this was one was interesting and probably one of my favorite questions. 
where on earth are you
Most of the readers who filled out the survey are from the south but there are a few others of you that do a pretty good job of representing the rest of the U.S.  except for the west coast.  Ok, west coast people, it’s time to check us out and follow along.  Find out where our sunshine is, how we eat our veggies, and what our summers are like.

What’s your generation?

Like me most of y’all are Gen Y peeps.  We are the first social media generation (shout out to all you former Yahoo! messenger buddies) and still like our technology.  Maybe that’s why you can find so many of us blogging or sharing our lives on Instagram… it’s how we grew up.

which generation are you

How you find us and hear about new posts is up for grabs really.  Facebook is the most popular way but discovering new posts through your blog feeder also works for many of you. However you find out about our latest and greatest post works for me.  I’m just tickled pink that you keep coming back.  🙂how do you find out about new postsSo there you have it… the results of our “2 Year Blogiversary Survey“.  Like all the new college students we are now full force into the new year… except for there are now exams here.  That is unless you count all our DIY projects as “pass” or “fail”.  If you missed the survey the other week it’s not too late to tell us a little about you.  Just leave your response to the questions below in the comments.   Where are you from?  What generation are you?  What’s your favorite subject here on the blog? And what would you like to read more of?

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4 thoughts on “Survey Says

  1. Helen

    I find that quite interesting that the majority of your followers are from the South. I also think you should have had us rate our interests on your blog topics rather than have us pick just one because it really was difficult for me to choose (I should have said this in the original post). I really enjoyed Thankful Thursday’s last year, for example.
    Keep up the great blog, Krystle!

    1. Krystle Post author

      I’m glad you enjoyed Thankful Thursdays. It’s one of my favorite special topics on the blog and will definitely be making a reappearance this year. I was just thinking of Thankful Thursdays the other day because November will be here before we know it!

    1. Krystle Post author

      Thanks Kelly. I bet there are some more from your generation keeping silent out there. Thanks for representing though.


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