Product Fail: Krylon Magnetic Spray Paint

krylong magnetic paint review So here’s the story of a blogger project fail…

Last week Noah started an at home preschool program.

NoahOur “school” area is this little alphabet table that I scored earlier this year at a yard sale.  She loves eating, coloring, and playing at her table so I figured she wouldn’t mind having school there either.

When I envisioned this little learning area I pictured a magnetic chalk board hanging above her table.  A board where we could hang her artwork up on as well as write the number/letter/shape of the week we are learning.

Insert my great idea to convert an inexpensive mirror into a magnetic chalkboard.  Sounds pretty cool right?  That’s what I thought too.  My plan was to use a back of door mirror from Wal-Mart ($5), Krylong Magnetic Spray Paint and, Americana Clear Chalkboard Coating.
magnetic chalkboard 6You may have noticed in the picture above a wooden plaque and blue spray paint.  This was for another project that I was working on at the same time.  I am happy to report that it turned out great and will be sharing it with you soon.

In the meantime, once I got all my supplies together I covered the frame of the mirror in painters tape.  I was so excited because the frame of the mirror was purple. I really wanted to turn this little corner of the room into a playful area.  Can you sense the sadness in my voice about this project?
magnetic chalkboard 4Once the frame was all taped I carried it outside and set it on top of an old door so I wouldn’t get paint all over deck.
magnetic chalkboard 3I was real careful and read the instructions on the can twice.  This was important because the “shaking” and drying times are both different than your average spray paint. I had to vigorously shake the can for two minutes before applying a coat of paint.
magnetic chalkboard 1

Next, I waited 30 minutes before applying the second coat to allow time for the paint to fully dry.  I then repeated this same process for every coat of paint.  This took so long Fall came!

magentic chalkboardI did begin to get a little suspicious around coat three when I tested a magnet out and it just slid straight down the mirror.  There was zero magnetism!  So like the calm and collective Momma that I am I ran inside grabbed my iPhone and immediately googled Krylon Magnetic Paint reviews.  I read several blog posts and not one had really successful results.  There was one or two who had managed to get a magnet to stick but the magnet couldn’t hold a sheet of paper because the magnetism was so week.

Another had called Krylon to complain.  They told her to give the paint five days to dry so that it could achieve it’s full strength.  She did and the magnet still didn’t stick.

Several had used a single piece of 12″x12″ paper and sprayed the entire can following the instructions and still weren’t able to get a magnet to stick.

Next I checked Amazon.  Of the 22 reviews all 22 gave the product one star.  One star!  Not one customer had even been satisfied enough to give it a rating of two stars.  This really makes me wonder why Krylon still has this paint on the market.  Who has had success with it?  Are they still selling it only because they are able to make easy money off of people like me who just want to give it a try.  As far as I can tell it has been on the market since 2011.  If a product performs this poorly why is it still on the market two years later?

Last week Hobby Lobby even tweeted about Krylon Magnetic Spray paint.  Suggesting to use it to create an easy magnetic board.  I couldn’t help but reply back…

Well anyways.  Back to the story at hand.  I sprayed four coats.  Almost the entire can.  Waited several days.  And then tried again.  Nothing.  At this point I knew the project was a fail and thankfully had seen the writing on the wall in advance telling me it just wasn’t going to work.

magnetic chalkboard 7
No really.  Some animal jumped the fence, came and taunted Buddy our cat, and scratched up the paint in the process.  If I had had hope that the project would have worked I would have protected the mirror in between coatings and while waiting but since I pretty much knew at this point that the project was a botch I left it uncovered and tested it days later only to prove to myself that it didn’t work.

After I knew the magnetic chalkboard was out of the question I tried to salvage the frame.  Because at this point the humidity had already started ungluing everything.  For once a reason to be thankful for all this Southern humidity.
magnetic chalk boarad 5But the frame broke about halfway through so in the end I trashed it.magnetic paint failThankfully it was just a five dollar frame.  Even though I am a little bummed that I lost five whole dollars.  That’s the price of cute place mat, a couple rolls of Washi tape, or another can of spray paint.  Oh well!  It could have been worse.

So what I want to know is… who has used this product?  Did you have success?  Have you used another product similar to this one?  I am scared to try another type of magnetic paint now.  I have heard decent reports about the roll on magnetic paint though.  From what I can tell though it is still pretty weak and can’t really hold a piece of paper in between the magnetic and wall.

So I’m sort of back to the drawing board (no pun intended) trying to figure out how to make all this work for the area around Noah’s table.  I’ve got a few ideas up my sleeve though and will share them with you soon.  I think in the end it will end up cuter than my original idea!

P.S.-  I do plan to call Krylon to ask for a refund. From what I have read as long as I still have my receipt I shouldn’t have a problem getting a refund.

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8 thoughts on “Product Fail: Krylon Magnetic Spray Paint

  1. Helen

    I’ve read that people have not had success with either the spray on or roll on magnetic paint. I think that usually everyone resorts to chalkboard paint instead – bummer, I know. I have read, though, that there are chalk pens that eliminate the chalk dust problem so that you don’t have that to deal with and they come in colors. I understand you can purchase them at Staples. Another idea is to use cork squares to form a border (maybe around the chalkboard) as a bulletin board for Noah’s artwork and various school projects. I’ve seen those at Home Depot.
    Sorry this didn’t work out. It would have been so cute, too.

    1. Krystle Post author

      I am going to have to check those chalk pens out. They sound great! My dining room table top is painted with chalkboard paint so that I can draw on it. It would be great to use something that doesn’t make as big of a mess. Thanks so much for your suggestions.

    1. Krystle Post author

      It’s sad isn’t it. Even more sad is that I still haven’t done anything about our wall yet. I think it’s going to take a little more brainstorming so that I come up with just the right thing to hang her artwork on.

    1. Krystle Post author

      Yeah. And to make it an even more sad story we are using painter’s tape to hang all her pictures up in the meantime. At least she doesn’t seam to mind.

  2. David

    Have you thought about using a thin peice of sheet metal cut to fit a frame of your choice? It could easily be painted with a primer and then the chalkboard paint and could do just what you are wanting to do!

    Most hardware stores and even Lowe’s and Home Depot carry Sheet metal and most will even cut it for you if you have the measurements… I am not sure how well it would work to put it behind say a glass panel in a frame, might be worth checking out if you wanted to go with the mirror as before…

    1. Krystle Post author

      I did think about that but honestly the frame was so cheep that I don’t think it could have held up a metal frame. If I ever try this project again it will definitely be what I do. 🙂


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