A Paint Covered Sofa

The title of this post would be really cool if I was wanting to tell you about an awesome way to transform your existing furniture with paint.  While that is a possibility for some pieces that is not what this post is about.

This post is about messy little me and the horror story that happened to our sofa last week.  Before I begin let me tell you that I have always been messy.. all the way back to childhood when spaghetti and white t-shirts were not a good combo for me.  My college art classes couldn’t even escape messy me.  It was an ordinary day if I left class with charcoal smeared on my cheeks and nose and paint staining my fingers.  Are catching the theme here?  Messiness is who I am and for the most part I am used to it but sometimes even I can take messiness to a whole new level… like last week.

Last Wednesday, like most days last week I was working on the dollhouse for Noah’s birthday. Her party is this Saturday so we are down to the last wire on time to finish this thing.  Anyway, I was working on her dollhouse, painting the interior with some of our leftover wall paint when BAM…

2013-10-23 15.11.19 2013-10-23 15.11.14

this happened! A quarter of a gallon of paint all over our dining room bench, floor, and the back of the sofa.  Words cannot express what was going through my mind as I looked across this sea of paint. (The above picture was taken after the initial wipe down of the sofa and using a half a roll of paper towels to get the remaining paint off the floor. I was too shocked to take a picture immediately after it happened.)

How did it happen?  It was all me. Noah receives none of the credit.  I was trying to pick the can up  (not by the handle) with one hand and it slipped.  It slipped and hit the bench, knocking the loose lid off and then the can fell forward towards the sofa.  To make matters worse Noah had just woken up from her nap and was ready to be held and loved on (our afternoon ritual).

I have a horrible tendency to freak out when matters get frustrating.  Which is a weak point for me because it means  I totally forget to rely on God and keep things in perspective.  While I did freak out a little with this incident I tried to keep my cool as much as possible and remind myself that these were only material possessions.  In the words of Solomon “meaningless”.

But even though they are only material possessions I would like to keep them nice and clean as long as possible.  Thankfully, my brain kicked in immediately and told myself that surely this is the first time this has happened to somebody and surely someone has written an article about it sharing their secret formula.  So I turned to Google for help and found this awesome step by step guide on removing wet acrylic paint from upholstery.

It was a life saver and helped me save my sofa.  After about 20 minutes work it was already looking better.

2013-10-23 16.26.33

An hour and a half later it was much better and I no longer had any doubts that my sofa would ever look the same again.  I followed each step listed in the article which included scraping the surface, spraying with water, blotting with soap/water mixture, spraying more water, and rubbing with nail polish remover.  Each step worked except for the nail polish remover.  The most effective method was spraying with water.  The water helped to dilute and drain all the pain off the bottom of the sofa.

2013-10-23 17.22.08

Isn’t it amazing how well it looks!?

2013-10-23 18.08.09Almost a week later it’s hard to believe it ever happened.  the upholstery feels slightly different where the paint was but all in all the average person would never notice it.  I am thankful we live in such a technical age where when cleaning problems arise I can turn to Google for help because let’s face it… I’m pretty sure my neighbor wouldn’t have been able to help me.

What messes have you found yourself in lately?  If you were my neighbor, what advice would you have given me for this catastrophe?

P.S. Stay tuned for another awesome giveaway next Monday!  I look forward to telling you all about it.

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