Thankful Thursdays: Lessons from Noah

Just like last week when I shared about my thankfulness for biblical marriage, this week I am taking another break for Thankful Thursdays. It’s a little time for me to reflect and thank God for what I am thankful for in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving.

As Noah’s mom, and main sidekick day in and day out it is my job to teach, guide, and instruct her so that she continues to grow and develop in both her physical and spiritual life.  In the midst of all this God uses Noah to teach me a thing or two.

She is a reflection of how I so often respond to God.  For instance… when she repeatedly disobeys me.  I know you’re shocked that she could even do such a thing! Ha! She’s a sinner just like the rest of us.  Sometimes she just doesn’t want to obey Mommy.  She doesn’t want to do what doesn’t seem fun or her first choice.  Her way is better and she is bound and determined to have.

It’s in these moments when I become frustrated with her and wonder why she just won’t listen that God gently reminds me that this is how I treat Him sometimes.  There have been countless times that I have responded to God, “Thanks but no thanks! I really don’t see how your way could be better so I’ll just do what I please.”  “You want me to give more?  To abandon the American dream?  To leave my comfort zone for you? “No doubt this surely frustrates Him.

But you know what?  Just like I know what is best for Noah God know what is best for me.  Why should a resist His will for my life.  What do I have to prove that my way is better?  Nothing!

Other times though Noah tries desperately to mimic me.  She wants to be just like Mommy. Can you blame her?  Her speech has that souther drawl like mine. She smacks her lips together like I do after applying lipstick.  And the cutest of all she wants to dress just like Mommy.

God loves it when I do this. When I want to love others like He does.  When I serve selflessly looking for nothing in return.  When I desire to bring honor to His name.  I have no doubt these moments fill HIs heart with love for me.  These are the moments that make all the bad times worth it.

God has revealed more about me than I could have ever imagined through Noah.  I continually look for ways to parallel my relationship with her to my relationship with God.

See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are.  1 John 3:1 (English Standard Version)

What do you find yourself most thankful for today?

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