Thankful Thursdays: Surprises

Today I am thankful for all the surprises I have had this week.

  • My parents came into town for a few days… which meant Noah got spoiled.
  • A friend asked for some design advice with her new house…. I got Pinterest happy.
  • The most random item I’ve ever listed in my  Etsy shop, Color Created Family, turned out to be a huge hit this week. Scarves for your Elf on the Shelf! 2013-11-18 14.12.54
  • Esther found out yesterday that she is getting a mommy, daddy, and a sister.  She’s pretty pumped about having Emma as her dog.  It might take her a little bit longer to warm up to us…. maybe we weren’t as cute as Emma was in the video.  Haha!  All in all she took the news really well and seemed to be accepting her new family.  (I’ll share more about her receiving the news on an upcoming Family Friday.)
  • We received new photos and video of Esther this morning and are allowed to go ahead and send her Christmas gifts.
  • ML and I completely forgot about our Broadway in Birmingham tickets for the Addams Family last weekend.  Saturday night after leaving our friends’ house we realized what day it was. We went to the matinee Sunday to see if we could exchange our tickets.  Not only did they exchange our tickets they upgraded them one section lower and center stage.  Rockstar treatment for forgetting our show.  How cool is that?What surprises have you had this week to be thankful for?  Surprises are like God’s gentle reminding that we aren’t in control.


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2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursdays: Surprises

  1. Mama

    We had a wonderful time with all of you!! Taking Noah to Bass Pro Shop was H’s highlight of the trip! Marmee enjoyed her trip to library for story time!!!


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