A Caffeine Induced Project

As each day passes we are getting closer and closer to bringing Esther home from Hong Kong.  We are expecting a phone call any day now letting us know that we are approved to book our trip later this month. In the meantime, I’ve been doing a little nesting around the house to prepare for her and make things easier once we get home.  This also includes wrapping up some odd and end projects around the house.

Before I get to the project we worked on this past weekend I need to back up and fill you in on another project I sporadically did last Fall.

One morning last Fall I woke up tired… pretty much like every morning because let’s face it how many mornings do moms really wake up good and rested.  That particular morning though I decided to make some coffee.  Not for ML and me but for ME!  Yep!  I pretty much drank half a pot of coffee by myself that morning… and I hardly ever drink coffee.  Which means I was wired!

So there I was looking through Pinterest that morning while waiting on Noah to fall alseep and an idea hits me…. I should repaint the foyer!  At the time it was a warm green.stairs


Not only should I repaint but I should repaint it while Noah is napping and surprise ML when he gets home.  Easy enough.  We had some extra paint on hand and I was just itching to get something accomplished that morning with all the energy I had and housework would be to easy of a challenge to tackle.

So, after she fell asleep I pulled all our paints out to see what would work.  I decided to go with Sherwin Williams Lemon Chiffon.  The same color we used in our kitchen.

sherwin williams alpaca, kitchen cabinetsupdated foyer 2

In pictures it clashes with the golden colors in the living room but don’t stress about that because I have plans to repaint that room as well. One thing leads to another you know.  Anyway… back to the caffeine induced project at hand.

So during the course of two nap times that day I repainted the wall and trim in the foyer that day.  It was amazing!  I wish I could be that focused everyday.  Seriously… I would be a chore tackling, blog posting, DIYing machine people!

updated foyer

I love the new brighter, bolder, and livelier color.  It really extends our kitchen… even though I don’t have a picture to prove to you.  Using the same color in consecutive rooms unifies them and visually makes the space look bigger.  Its a great design trick to keep up your sleeve.

And what about Michael Luke?  What did he think?  I’m happy to report that he loves it and is onboard for the vision for the rest of the room.  It’s not like me to make design choices without consulting him first. I mean… its OUR house.  We had sort of talked about changing the room up and since I didn’t have to spend any money for this little painting adventure I knew that worse case scenario I could just repaint the room.  Ahh!  The beauty of paint.

All of this brings us to our project ML and I worked on this past weekend.  What is it?  I’ll give you a hint… I didn’t show all the walls in the foyer.  We just might have a little something special planned for them. 🙂  Hopefully, I’ll be back later this week to share it with you.

Ever had a bunch of coffee and ended up with a super productive day?  Do you act on your design ideas as soon as they hit you?  Or wait and mull them around in your brain for a while?

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4 thoughts on “A Caffeine Induced Project

    1. Krystle Post author

      Thanks! The sad part is that as productive as that day was I haven’t tried to replicate it since. I really should try it again some Saturday so that I can get the house straightened up in record time.

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