A Mudwall with Icing

Michael Luke and I have a tendency to draw projects out.  Gasp!  We don’t mean to it just happens. It’s what happens when you don’t eat, sleep, and breathe DIY projects but you still like tackling them.  It’s what happens when you like to keep my mom in suspense. 🙂 Like with our mudwall.


We really thought this was going to be a weekend project.  Three weekends in and we are finally putting the finishing touches on it!

mudwall view

We are still waiting on some of the paint to dry before adding all the fun things like accessories and hooks to hang everything on.  So, I’ll be back later this week with all the final pictures.


Don’t let this little three weekender scare you.  It really can be done a lot quicker… we just get distracted easily.  The amount of time we have spent on it during the past three weekends has been very minimal.  So all in all it can be a weekend project.

So far my favorite part of this wall makeover is the crown molding.

crownmoldingIt’s like the icing on the cake.  We dressed up the top of our little faux lockers with crown molding and a 4″ ledge.  It really adds a lot of depth to the wall. The ledge will make a nice place to display some color… because lets face it this white wall is going to need a little something to liven it up.


Oh, and see that random board that’s not all that pretty underneath the light switch?  Something pretty cool is going there… come back later this week to find out.

In the meantime,  I want to know what is the one project you would love to have done in your house?  We are just dreaming here… so go on break the budget a little.  For me, I would love a complete master bath redo.  Give me some beautiful marble floor tile installed in a herringbone pattern with a multi-jet floor to ceiling tiled shower.  Oh, and while we are at it… I’ll take some board and batten on the walls and really cool eclectic mirrors above the newly installed deep wood toned vanities.  Ok.  That was fun!  Now your turn.

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5 thoughts on “A Mudwall with Icing

  1. bekah

    Oh man – BATHROOM REDO. I mean…technically is is going to happen. We are in the saving/stockpiling supplies stage right now. ..I just cant wait! Our bathroom is disgusting. I mean..I clean it, but still.

    ANYWAY…looking forward to seeing your “mudwall” in its finished state. We have a similar wall in our house, I actually posted a picture of it today!

    1. Krystle Post author

      Isn’t it funny how one of the places we want to renovate most is the bathroom. I hope your renovation comes quickly. 🙂

  2. Kallie

    I would like the full bathroom moved to the opposite side of the house so it is right off the bedrooms. As it is, we have to walk through the kitchen and dining room to get to it. While we’re at it, I want our bedrooms re-insulated so we don’t freeze overnight all winter long 🙂 AND the upstairs finished attic converted to a master suite. With a king-size bed. Ok, I’m done now!

    1. Krystle Post author

      Oh, I like your dream changes. I’m with you on the insulation thing. Our downstairs is always freezing because of the crawl space under our house. I really the like the idea of converting the upstairs into a master suite! The name master suite makes it sound so romantic.


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