DIY Drop Zone Mudwall

Our Drop Zone Mudwall is finished and we are in love!Convert Small Space Into a Drop ZoneThis is by far our most favorite DIY project.  Probably because it didn’t require that much work but the end result is amazing!  Just to remind you of how far we have come here’s a before shot.stairsAnd another after…

Convert Small Space Into a Drop ZoneI love that we turned a normally overlooked and cluttered area in our house into a focal point.      Using 2×4’s and 2×6’s we created our faux lockers by dividing the wall into three equal compartments.  We created a little bit of depth to the wall by adding crown molding and a ledge to the top.  I loved this idea because it gave me a spot to add some color and display a few things.

accessoriesLike these cute little birds and milk glass that I picked up at Michael’s the other day.
Convert Small Space Into a Drop ZoneI also used a couple of other pieces that we had from around the house… the best place to shop.  I promise I didn’t use a solid black canvas on a frame.  It is a really a beautiful stained glass picture with our family name on it.  I’m just a little too paranoid to broadcast our last name out to the webiverse so I blurred our the letters. You can catch a glimpse of what it really looks like in the picture below.
Convert Small Space Into a Drop Zone Convert Small Space Into a Drop ZoneI think the blue picture frames are the “cherry on top” for this wall.  I love how they brought a plain white wall to life…. plus I just adore the labels I gave each frame: His and Hers, Big and Lil Sis, Keys and Things.  And now everybody has their own hook.
Convert Small Space Into a Drop ZoneAnd Noah loves that!  She has already figured out which hook is hers and requests that her backpack be hung up there.  It’s the little things!  The satin nickel finished hooks were an inexpensive find at Lowe’s and the wood provides nice support so that these hooks can hold things like my Super Heavy Mom’s Always Prepared Purse.
Convert Small Space Into a Drop Zone Convert Small Space Into a Drop ZoneI almost forgot to tell you about one the coolest features of our wall… well at least it’s pretty cool to us… the mailbox we hung up.  Yep. We used a mailbox that is normally hung on the exterior of a house and placed it right by our front door.  You see we have a problem.  Normally our mail spends most of its time cluttering up the kitchen counter.  Which means it is taking up valuable kitchen property.

So, we decided to hang a mailbox right at our front door so that I can drop any pieces of mail in there for ML to look at LATER.  So far it’s been working out great for us.  The mailbox also came with two hooks at the bottom that would typically hold newspapers.  We are going to use those hooks to hold umbrellas and dog leashes though.

At first I was a little overwhelmed that the black mailbox would stand out like a sore thumb against the white wall but using chalkboard paint on the signs and adding the picture to the shelf really help to balance all that black out.

So even though this took us almost three weeks of DIY free time we are incredibly pleased with the end result of our mudwall!

Convert Small Space Into a Drop ZoneDo you have a specific drop zone area in your house?  Are you like us and find your mail cluttering up a particular spot?  I think junk mail people are the only ones keeping the USPS in business anymore.

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9 thoughts on “DIY Drop Zone Mudwall

    1. Krystle Post author

      Thanks! I’ve caught myself a few times dropping everything on our bench by the front door. Then I remember that I have this really useful mudwall now.

    1. Krystle Post author

      Thank you! I like these kind of DIY projects too. I like to make our house work for us. The better it functions the bigger it feels.

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