Snowed In

We are on day two of Snowmageddon here in Birmingham.  The city is basically shut down… all roads are closed.  For anyone who lives up north this can be hard to imagine when y’all get tons of snow each year and just keep on trucking.

We pretty much got this much… plus a little more.  Yep!  That’s all it takes to shut us down… but this time it’s extra crazy.



This storm snuck up on us.  Birmingham didn’t expect snow until yesterday afternoon so schools weren’t cancelled.  But then the clouds came and the snow started falling around nine-thirty yesterday morning.  Stupid me thought it was just a flurry since my weather app said I was good to go so Noah and I set out for the library!

We made it there but at that point (10:30) it was still snowing so I decided to return her books and head back home.  Good thing I did because we barely made it home.   You see Birmingham is hilly.  Which makes for a beautiful city but not so great for snowy/icy roads. Which I had to drive on at that point to get home.  People’s tires were spinning.  Cars were sliding.  And drivers were pulling off on the side of the road and walking to shelter. It was bad. Thankfully, I was in our SUV and it has new tires so I barely had any trouble.  I just took it nice and easy.

It took me over and hour and a half to make what is normally a twenty minute drive to get home.  The roads were crowded with parents trying to pick their children up from school, workers trying to make the commute home, and the random person like me that thought it was a good day to go to the library.  Children ending up spending the night at school, people slept in their cars on the side of the road or the closes shelter they could get to, and helicopters and rescue workers are out now doing search and rescues of all the vehicles that are still on the side of the roads.

I wish I had taken pictures of my neighborhood.  Where we live is sort of like a village so all the houses are close to the shops and restaurants and it has that small town feel to it.  Especially yesterday because I have never seen so many people using the sidewalks before!  The roads were in gridlock and ATVs were out on the roads.  Thankfully Noah and I made it home safely without having to walk.  I’m so thankful for that.  I’ve heard of several people who walked several miles just to get home yesterday… including my neighbor!

This was one crazy storm but I’m trying to make the most of it.  I’ve been cleaning the house. Caught up with the laundry.  I might even iron today.  Watch out!  I’ve started packing both Noah and me for Hong Kong.  I’m trying to finish another little painting project I’ve got going on.  And I hope to sort Noah’s clothes from last year to place in the Spring consignment sales in a few weeks.  Not to mentioned that I squeezed in two episodes of Downtown Abbey last night.  Michael Luke might begin to think that I should get snowed in more often with all this work I’ve been doing!

Thankfully, things should be back to normal tomorrow with temperatures creeping back up to forty degrees and sixty by this weekend.  Ok, now I’m starting to sound like a meteorologist. What I’m trying to say is… we’re halfway through this Snowed In business and will be breaking out of the house tomorrow.

Do you have snow where you are?  Did your city shut down?  And even if you aren’t snowed in have you been watching Downton Abbey?  I still lack one more episode before being caught up so don’t spoil anything for me.  I’m pretty sure Mrs. Hughes is my favorite character.  I love the way she sort of takes on the mother role of the staff. Who is your favorite character and please don’t say Barrow.

P.S.  Follow the link bellow to read some amazing stories that have come from this storm.  It’s like God gave Birmingham a chance to serve others yesterday.  I wish I could have helped but I guess I’m helping by staying off the roads.

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