By the time you read this ML, Noah, and I
will already be at the airport preparing to fly to Hong Kong!  Crazy right?

I left this room with one little girl this morning and plan to come home next week with two little girls!

I know it seems like super short notice and well… it is.  We didn’t receive our final travel approval until Thursday. Yes, last Thursday.  So we have been in a mad dash ever since then to get packed and ready to go.  The fact that we are able to leave today is nothing short of a miracle of God.  The last time I gave an update we were waiting on one document to get approved and then we were good to go.  But since then one document has turned into one approval after another… even to the point of us having to get fingerprints scanned for immigration approval as late as yesterday!  It’s been crazy and a little emotional but this whole time I have clung to the fact that God is in control and I truly believe he has set aside February 10 as the day to meet sweet Esther.

In the meantime, I will be popping in and out hopefully with some short blog updates (Nothing too wordy because it will all be typed from my phone.) and to follow along with all the the fun… the good, the bad, and the ugly of our trip follow me on Instagram.

Now just because we aren’t home don’t go getting any crazy ideas.  We do have house sitters, a detective that lives next door, and another neighbor that is an Ultimate Fighting Champion fanatic (for what that’s worth) watching out for us… not to mention any neighborhood watch nosy neighbors we may have.

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