This time yesterday I thought we would be in Hong Kong by now but we had a minor set back yesterday.  Minor as in we spent the spent the night in Chicago.
What happened? Our plane coming into Birmingham was delayed yesterday morning.  Which in the beginning was ok because Noah had extra time to play on the playground that just happened to be next to our gate.  Score!


Once we finally got boarded and began to taxi away the flight attendant let us know it would be another hour before take off. Ahh! But thankfully we had not taken off yet because we had a passenger at the front of the plane have a mild heart attack.  So we headed back to the gate where an emergency crew met us and helped him off the plane.  Even after all that we still had time to sit on the runway another thirty minutes are so.
During all of this ML was texting back and forth with our agent because originally we only had a little over an hour between flights and things weren’t looking so great.  We finally flew out of Birmingham knowing our plane to Hong Kong had been delayed 10 minutes.
So two hours later we landed in Chicago and quickly began check-in on the status of our next flight.
The plane was still in Chicago! It was scheduled to fly out any minute but still was here. We started making plans to run. We even passed by our plane on the way to the gate… They were still de-icing it! We just had to hurry. Except that our plane couldn’t get to its gate because another plane was still there.  So we sat and waited for twenty minutes and eventually saw our plane taxi off and knew we would not be flying to Hong Kong that day.


As sad as it was I was glad to have the opportunity to rest between flights.  I do feel like God had us sit there and watch our plane leave to remind us that he is in control.  What a great reminder!
So what about Noah? How did she do?
Surprisingly well.  Which I guess isn’t hard to do with the nightmares I had planned about the trip.  She enjoyed her first plane ride though and I am pretty sure the people around us didn’t regret their seat location by the end of the flight.  She’s not very fond of the seat belt but definitely enjoyed looking out the window and raiding my parents bag of treats.  They may have underestimated how many treats they needed. We had an amazing flight attendant with a wonderful personality.  She was fun to talk to and gave Noah her own pair of wings to pin to her shirt.  Noah was quite proud of her little souvenir.
Our seats were located above the wing of the plane, near the engine.  I had read that this was great place for children to sit because of the noise.  It’s true.  The few times Noah did cry you could barely hear her because of the engine.  And my fear of all fears was put to rest near the end of the flight when Noah fell asleep sitting up next to my dad.  That makes me feel much better about our fifteen hour flight later today.
Thanks for all your continued prayers and support.  I’ll talk to you on the other side of the flight.

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6 thoughts on “Delayed

    1. Krystle Post author

      Thanks! At this point we are used to unexpected changes in our adoption journey. It helps knowing God is in control.


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