Our Weekend and Final Thoughts

This weekend had been a whirlwind… a busy, give me a nap pronto sort of weekend.
Saturday we went to Hong Kong Disneyland.


Noah had a wonderful time… so much fun that she fell asleep on the subway back to the hotel and didn’t wake back up again until Sunday morning.  Yay!
Sunday ML and I visited a local church just a few doors down from our hotel.  Visiting the church and worshipping with a local body of believers made the world seem a lot smaller than It’s a Small World did.  I am so glad that we got the opportunity to visit.
Sunday afternoon we ventured up to  The Peak.


It’s a popular tourist spot that includes lots of shopping, dining, and spectacular views of the city.  Spectacular views… if it’s not raining and overcast.  The fog did break long enough for us to catch this beautiful pic.


Now, I am laying here in bed thinking about the fact that I meet Esther tomorrow.  The reason we came to Hong Kong. ML and I were talking earlier tonight and we are pretty sure our bodies don’t know what to feel. What will we say to her when we meet?  Will I be nervous
tomorrow morning? Probably.
Whatever the case we will meet her tomorrow and I look forward to sharing it with you!

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One thought on “Our Weekend and Final Thoughts

  1. jessica

    I CANNOT WAIT TO MEET MY NEW NIECE AND SO EXECiTED for yall! We are praying everything goes well. 🙂 we love all of you.


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